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The Nurts: The Parenting Made Fun Card Game — Lessons from parenting

Rachel Tan, a mom of 3 is the force behind The Nurts: The Parenting Card Game. Using her experience from being a mother, she created this card game to encourage more people to learn and experience the joy and challenges of parenting.

Having been successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, The Nurts was born from the lack of parenting based games. Rachel and her husband, both avid board game players, decided to combine parenting techniques and their love of board games into The Nurts. It has players learning to manage resources, make decisions, and raise kids!

Ready to raise the best kid ever!!!

Now Rachel runs The Nurts (short for nurture) to make tools for learning and personal development.

In The Nurts, players are tasked with raising the most fulfilled child. With resources in hand (time and money), play your Action cards to either gain more resources or assets. Each child has a unique personality, and that factors into the multiplier at the end of the game. This card is to be kept hidden, but with careful deduction, players can figure out what personality the child has.

Wild cards are also an important part of the gameplay — they serve both as a game end timer, and provide player-wide benefits. Since this was largely up to chance, I eagerly hoped for those that could land me more resources, even though it benefited other players.

Players are allowed to purchase one Asset card per round, and I had to choose carefully to maximise the potential benefits I would gain from the following rounds. I keep going till my resources are all spent, draw up to 7 Action cards, then I pass to my opponent who is very eager to start their turn.

He gets me.

This goes on till we reach the final Wild Card, and with a flourish, I just manage to grab all the last-minute cards I need, and we tally up our scores. My Introvert child personality (relatable) managed a win despite not socialising with others (the dream).

The Nurts is a fun game with colourful illustrations sure to brighten up your day — I had a blast playing it, and hope try out its other modes in the near future.

Disclaimer: A free copy of the game was provided by the designer. All opinions belong solely to the writer.


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