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See what I did there? Anyway, FFG has announced the 2nd pack of the 2nd Cycle, Second Thoughts. Yes. They decided to go with more puns, after the first pack’s Opening Moves. So really my pun isn’t that bad.

Honestly though, Second Thoughts doesn’t seem that life-altering. The cards in the card fan (Reconstructor, Hard at Work) seem decidedly meh, and VoicePAD will have a narrow and slighty mediocre (maybe usable) play. Hellion looks pretty awesome (weaponized cyberstreet animals is decidedly gibson), and the Cleaners look interesting, but we can’t really tell if they’re any good because of the way the fan is arranged.

Elizabeth Mills seems like she could be a game changer though; all locations are big deals in Netrunner (Workshop, Wyldside, Aesop, New Angeles City Hall, can’t remember what else) and a way of destroying them without a tag (albeit with bad publicity) is a good thing. Especially Workshop and NACH I think, those things would really cramp a Weyland’s style.

Clone Retirement is also interesting. While the lose/gain bad publicity is cool, I think most Jinteki would just take it because it’s a 2/1 which translates to more ways to net damage a runner. I really feel like Jinteki will see its day in the sun soon.

The second cycle can’t get here soon enough.


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