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Bloodbowl Brotherhood of Steal Part 1

First up: A very happy Lunar New Year everybody! I apologize for the skip week last week, that was the first Tabletop Thursday I’d missed since we started last year. It was the eve of the Lunar New Year though, and between the dinner with family (followed by like 3 more days of being with the family), the post slipped through. Mea Culpa.

I’m also diverting from the Shadespire team I’ve been painting up (haven’t finished it yet), to some of my older Brotherhood of Steal models. Two weeks ago, there was a round up of some of the Brotherhood of Steal models, and actually Shadespire wasn’t the first GW spin-off game that my orks invaded. Naturally I would want the Brotherhood of Steal version of the Bloodbowl Orks too.

Brotherhood of Steal

When Bloodbowl was re-released, I was really excited to try it out. The models were beautiful (just like Shadespire), and the game was good fun. But of course in line with my usual masochistic, convert everything streak, I decided that all of my models has to be unique. 4 blitzers, 4 blockers, 3 linesmen, 1 thrower… all unique.

The linesmen and thrower models were pretty easy. I wasn’t going to have to many of them, and they came with unique poses anyway.

Always one to give myself too much work to do, I still gave them headswaps anyway. I think the thrower is the only model I have stock.

But what’s a team without a logo? I wanted the fallout pipboy, but orkified. So this was my actual brief…


I got Russ (fellow painter and all round cool dude) really nailed it I think. So, without further ado….

Presenting the Brotherhood of Steal Pipboyz!



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