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Bloodbowl Brotherhood of Steal Part 3

Welp, my Shadespire Brotherhood of Steal is done, so time to get back to my Bloodbowl team. >.>;;

In February, I showed the conversions for my basic boys, as well as the black ork blockers. So this time I’m going to be working on the blood(bowl) of the Ork team, the blitzers!

Unfortunately, this time I was too caught up with building them. Didn’t get many photos taken during the construction process, so I hope you guys are okay if I just show off the completed models.


In keeping with ensuring that every bloodbowl figure is unique, I have head and arm swaps for the blitzer models, a repose of one of the basic boys into a tackling, ‘blitzer’ pose, and a stormboy kitted out with brass knuckles. Jumping and leaping forwards are essentially the same, right? 😉

Next up: Paint!


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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