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One more post of my current collection on Khador miniatures as we ramp up towards Gencon, happening tomorrow!

This is the smallest contingent of my Khador, painted in orange camo, or as I like to call it the Autumnfall theme. These consist of the scout troops (Yuri, manhunters, kossites, and possibly Widowmakers in the future) as well as the mercenaries (Saxon and Alten, and soon eEiryss as well… she wont be on the chimney….) under the Great Motherland’s employ.

Do you guys like the idea of alternate colour themes? And how do you feel about orange in general? I would love to share how I paint the orange in the future.

Well, that’s it today, but tune in in the next few days as I try to get as many pictures of the miniatures displayed in Gencon as possible!


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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