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Your first taste of 5G might be at Haidilao’s new store, thanks to M1

The road to 5G in Singapore is heating up – with spices – with M1 collaborating with Haidilao to set up a trial 5G network at the hotpot restaurant’s upcoming new store.

Located at Marina Square, the new Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant will be equipped with smart machines such as Intelligent Kitchen Management System (IKMS), a customised automatic soup base machine, and food delivery robots.

A Haidilao smart restaurant in Beijing. (Photo provided by M1)

But that’s not all – diners will be able to give 5G a go at the new experience corner while they wait in line for their seat. The experience corner will use M1’s 5G expertise and capabilities, and Huawei technology. You will be able to immerse yourself in instructional, educational and interactive Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) e-gaming.

“M1 has been developing and leveraging our 5G capabilities to support real-life applications across a range of industries for quite some time now. This will be our first 5G application in the F&B and retail domain and we are excited to partner with one of Singapore’s favourite hot pot brands, Haidilao, to bring this smart experience to life,” said Mr Willis Sim, Chief Corporate Sales and Solutions Officer, M1.

“Customer experience has always been a top priority for us at Haidilao, and we are very excited to explore this new experience with M1 for our new store. 5G is enabling better experiences across industries, and we are happy to bring the trial of this technology to our restaurant in Singapore,” said Frank Li, branch manager of Haidilao Marina Square.

There’s not much detail yet as to what you’ll get to try at the 5G experience corner (other than it involving AR and VR), but check out the video above from SCMP, which shows the Haidilao smart restaurant in Beijing.

Haidilao Marina Square with M1’s 5G experience corner is “opening soon”.


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