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Unboxing: Singapore’s first geek loot box

(Photo: Alvin Chong)
(Photo: Alvin Chong)

Atomic Loot’s loot box – ostensibly Singapore’s first – was released amid much fanfare last week: The release was in conjunction with the launch of Marvel Star Wars #1 at The Cathay on Jan 17. Obviously, we had to get our hands on one of the first-ever geek loot boxes in Singapore, which meant an early pre-order (well, three days before the actual day) for an unboxing!

We were there at launch to check out the festivities – the 501st were there, as was the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game tournament held at The Cathay’s atrium. Atom Comics, the minds behind Atomic Loot, were also at their store for customers to pick up a loot box and for those who didn’t pre-order one. Sales for Star Wars #1 were brisk – they were sold out before the end of the day, and it’s been said that some of those who didn’t pre-order the loot box got another comic as a replacement.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Atom Comics has great service recovery too! A customer who did not get Star Wars #1 in her loot box (but instead got an older Dark Horse comic) left her details at the counter and slightly over a week later had it delivered to her free of charge! Here’s hoping Atom Comics can maintain such high service standards!

And now, here’s an unboxing video for what a pre-order version of the loot box looks like.

All in all, for S$25 it looks like it wasn’t such a bad deal. I got a lovely Darth Malgus figure, which fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be very familiar with, while that tiny black boxy thing – a tiny model of Han Solo in carbonite – was a nice touch. That said, others didn’t have such a cool figure (if a Star Wars nerd has to Google the character they got that isn’t a good thing) – and that Han Shot First sticker uses the “most inappropriate font in the world“.

Given the rate of chance it doesn’t appear there’s any definitive way to say a subscription is a “must get”. The estimated worth of the box will vary quite a lot from fan to fan. Still, if you’re the gambling sort who hopes to luck into something cool and doesn’t mind getting just enough, the Atomic Loot is still a pretty interesting experiment, and it is, after all, Singapore’s first. And if you’re a fan of Harley Quinn, you’re in luck – the next box will be themed on Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel.

Missed the event last Saturday? Check out some shots we took during the event and the minis tournament.

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For more on the event, check out‘s video:


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