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The Free Comic Book Day 2019 cheat sheet

Free Comic Book Day is back! Held every year in the first week of May, this event is meant to attract casual and pre-geeks to pick up some free comics and get hooked. Of course, hardcore comic book fans also take the time to hang out and spend time with some of their fellow geeks!

Here’s a very quick rundown of what’s up and where, this Saturday:


Redemption starts at 10am for members, limited to one turn per member.

2pm-3pm: Mr Kiasu co-creator and award-winning author James Suresh will hold an interactive discussion together with illustrator Syed Ismail. He will share some of the experiences recounted in his books, and Syed will be conducting a live-drawing demonstration.

4pm-5pm: A Manga Lover’s Tokyo Travel Guide author/artist Evangeline Neo will be meet-and-greet session.

5.30pm: Taming The Mouse: How A Small Hong Kong Theme Park Came To Dominate Disney authors Tom Mehrmann and Michael Switow to share about their book. The book “details the 10 principles that lead Ocean Park Hong Kong to transform its business and, in the face of what seemed insurmountable odds, overtake one of the world’s most beloved brands”.


Singapore’s main comic shops, including the legendary Comics World return with their own events. There’s lots of sales and freebies – prob more than Kino – though for some of them you do need to make a purchase first. Some of them are doing timed giveaways, such as Absolute giving out Dark Phoenix movie premiums at 10.30am and 11am.

And what you need to know is that they’re all pretty close together, so what you really need is a map.

And … last year’s map is gonna work just fine, so I’ll just leave it here.


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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