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STGCC: Am I Disappoint?

Just thought if you guys read Life! today and thought, “man they be are disappoint T_T” or however those humourous felines speak, I thought I’d share with you what I’d sent in as a reply when asked for an opinion. But first, I’d like to add that the shift to a more eastern pop culture presence was directly in response to some criticisms they got last year (lack of anime), and secondly, if you actually GO to a western con “like San Diego Comic Con (sic)” (yes, it’s comic-con guys, gets your hyphens right) you would definitely see the presence of anime. Also, “at least one fanboy is pleased to see more anime content” isnt exactly right – I’m no longer the anime fan I was 10 years ago, rather, I’m more pleased for the local anime fans.

But on the flipside – do I wish for more huge, legendary artists from the west? Sure. I have also mentioned to some privately that having to plan this year’s in a much shorter period or 9 months while listening to the criticisms they had last year isn’t easy for Reed – but that being said, they are professionals in this, and here’s hoping this year’s will be super fun, and next year’s will be the next step up. We all want a bigger con, but we all need to work together to get there, and not be our own splinter groups, happy at the discontent towards the event. And let’s not forget, it’s Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention. Maybe the word anime is missing from the title, but comics itself isn’t exactly the only focal point for an event that started out very toy orientated.

My thoughts on the STGCC lineup:

1) Very happy with Marvel bringing in Keiron Gillen. Last year they had Matt Fraction, who ended up doing Fear Itself, and now this is another up and comer who is doing quite a few big titles.

2) DC bringing in Paul Levitz is one for the people who want someone who’s a veteran, and he’s definitely been around the business for a while. A good balance, in a sense – Marvel bringing someone new, DC bringing someone old. Also helps that DC is around, right before their relaunch

3) Nice to see STGCC try to bring a bit more of an anime slant this year, and away from the usual anime cons at the end of the year

4) Lots of regional artists, which is nice, but lack of US/Europe based artists.

5) Lots of positive points so far, but honestly with the event cut to 2 days, and their planning time set at 9 months, this might be as good as it gets. Honestly I’m excited with who they’re bringing in, but numbers wise this is a rather small pool. Add to that G&B comics running their own event during the same weekend, and Kino hosting Gilamon comics too, it feels as if something is very wrong, and that STGCC might have alienated some of the local retailers in some sense. The usual G&B special guest is missing.

And finally, Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention doesn’t have the hyphen that San Diego Comic-Con has. For a moment when I saw the cover page I thought local fans were disappointed with SDCC, which was like “wahhhhhhh?!”. So what do you guys think? Do you agree with the slant of the article?


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  1. Planerds will be hosting Gilamon Studios at the con, as well as many, many local talent, some of who will be at the con for the first time.

    I also think this writer didn’t really do his homework. Absolute and Comics World have never participated before, and Kino is participating for the first time this year (they sold tickets at their main shop and are apparently sharing a booth). The only loss is G&B, which is tempered by the inclusion of Planerds (which I think is way better, but I’m clearly biased 😛 )

    And yeah, every major con in the US includes anime and manga, and Japanese pop culture in general, and to not include it is kind of weird. Do I wish there were more big name western creators? Yes, but baby steps man. Last year was the first time Marvel and DC came, and they’re still here this year, which shows they have faith in this con. While Reed certainly made some mistakes this year, it’s only their second year, and the NYCC is already pretty awesome, so give them some slack. They’ll get it right sooner rather than later.

  2. no doubt that every year i wish STGCC would match up to the likes of SDCC or Bot-Con(having just heard all the news about them). but it’s Singapore, looking at the scene here, i wouldn’t tell myself to expect that much. but i can see that it’s gradually improving, and i kinda feel that although i would want it to improve at a faster pace, what’s going on now is good. and hey! they brought Hot Toys in this year, that kinda makes up for that two day $18 ticket for me.

  3. Hi Adan,

    Thanks for your comment. While writing the article, I was aware that Absolute and Comics World have never taken part in STGCC before, but I thought it was important to highlight the fact that they have been priced out of the event again. While comics are not the only focus of the convention, it feels a bit strange to me to call it the “Singapore” Toy Game and Comic Convention, and yet not have the participation of the leading independent comic book stores here. The very fact that even GnB, who have supported the event so staunchly for three years, are not taking part this time round, says quite a bit.

    To address your second point, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with including anime and/or manga at the convention. But as was pointed out in my article (and by other anime/manga fanboys to me as well), there is already an AFA and STGCC shouldn’t be trying to duplicate it. Even though Reed said it included more Jap pop culture personalities this year in response to feedback, I suppose this year’s convention comes as a bit of a anti-climax to fans after the personalities that they managed to bring in last year.

    Last of all, as a fanboy, I am excited about STGCC as an event and hope that they only get bigger and bigger. Given the resources that Reed can call upon, I do believe they will get it right too, eventually.


    P.S: Care to write in to with your views?

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