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STGCC 2012 Spotlight: Mashi

Courtesy: Mashi’s Art

It’s just about over a week to to this year’s Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC), and the excitement is starting to bubble as we hear about more the guests coming to visit our fine island. If you haven’t heard, British writer Andy Diggle has been confirmed to be headed to our shores. Andy Diggle joins artist Mark Brooks – which we’ve previously announced here – and that’s not all, and there’s a whole load of talent to add to that list. Since we’ve already given a quick spotlight on Diggle and Brooks, let’s turn the spotlight back on our regional artists, starting with someone from right here on our sunny shores, Wendy Chew.

Courtesy: Mashi’s Art

Better known as Mashi to some of us, Wendy’s pin-up style illustrations are a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by male superhero artwork. We discovered her at last year’s STGCC, where she wowed us with her sketches of Disney’s Snow White and Jasmine. This year, however, she’s back in a big way, with a new sketchbook, a new resin sculpture, a set of A5 prints, and time on the Walk of Fame! That’s right, after two years of going incognito at STGCC, Wendy is finally recognised as a Featured Guest of the event. We caught up with the busy artist over email to answer a few questions.

Courtesy: Mashi’s Art

1) You’ve been attending STGCC for at least two years, 2010 with your own booth at Artists’ Alley and 2011 with Elseworlds. How does it feel to be one of the featured artists for 2012 and have your spot on the Walk of Fame?

It’s surprising and scary. Surprising is because to me, I’ve not done anything great or awesome and suddenly I’ve got this chance to be in the spotlight with so many amazing artists! It’s like only 2 years and I’ve shot to fame. This is like “WOW!” and thanks to my art representative for the help and a bit of luck, I guess. That’s why it leads to the scary part because as a featured artist, I feel that with this chance, I have to do a good job at showcasing my work so that people will recognize my work more. And with “Honnie” figurine, I hope it will be a good showcase. :)

Courtesy: Mashi’s Art

2) Vinyl on Vinyl will be releasing a limited edition figure of your original character “Honnie” at STGCC 2012. How did your collaboration with them begin and how has the experience of working with them been like?

It’s all thanks to my art representative. He helped to discuss the possibilities of creating a figurine for me with them and they seem to like my work and the collaboration begins. Hhhmm..I can’t really say much about the experience of working with them as I am not directly liaising with them but when they showed me the first photos of the figurine, I was really touched and impressed. The sculptor did an amazing job! The first photos I saw hasn’t got the back hair and some details done yet but it still look so nice! I’m really happy at what I saw. :D And I hope it will look good when it’s colored! :D

Courtesy: Mashi’s Art

3) You will also be releasing a new sketchbook. For the benefit of those not too familiar with your illustrations, what can we expect to see this year?

Yes, it’s my first sketchbook. The book consist more of sketches and doodles. It’s different from my previous 2 books which showcase more of completed illustrations and minimal sketches. Of course, in this book, you’ll be expected to see more girl drawings!!! :D I’m trying to draw guys too so there will be some guy drawings there. There will be some experimental drawings which I tried with different mediums and stuff. Some sketches, you may recognize from my completed illustrations online, and some are never-seen-before or new.

4) Finally, are there any future plans that you can share a little about? Exhibitions? Projects? Will we be seeing a comic book with art by Mashi anytime soon?

Hahaha… I don’t think there will be a comic book with Mashi’s art in it. Hahah…But who knows, it may be possible. :) As for future plans, I’m not sure, even if there is, I wouldn’t want to say it as it’s not concrete yet. Just don’t want to disappoint anybody or folks who support my art. :)

Courtesy: Mashi’s Art

You can catch Wendy Chew aka Mashi at STGCC 2012 at the EightBit Media/Vinyl on Vinyl booth C24. Her Walk of Fame appearances are at 11am (1 Sept) and 5pm (2 Sept).  In the meantime, check out her Facebook page or her Deviantart page for more of her gorgeous artwork.

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