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Singapore’s very own zombie walk(s)

Just nine more days to the return of The Walking Dead to our local television screens (or 2 more days if you’re living somewhere further west – funny how time works, eh?), and if you’re one of those bitten by the zombie bug, maybe it’s time to put those itchy fingers to rest (it’s just a rash, isn’t it) and take a gander at Singapore’s very own Zombie Walk.

Image from Singapore Zombie Walk. Is it just me or did I meet the lady in the middle in a past life? You know, heart still beating and stuff.
That’s right, in about 15 days you can join a whole lot of “like-minded” (if you could call it that) zombie fiends as they shamble their way across Clark Quay. Joining the worldwide phenomenon (scientists call it a pandemic, but they’re just being killjoys) that’s done in over 50 cities, you local zombie fiends (aka those who woke up late and have to stand during rush hour) can now partake in such “festivities”.

As we all know, the fastest zombie gets the freshest brains (or gets its head bashed in first, depending), so by now you’ve missed (a) a free (and very cool) Zombie Walk tee and (b) free actual day makeup (suddenly this sounds like a wedding). No worries – you can still hopefully get a free makeup pack by HD Makeup Asia.

But still! Only 250 zombies can take part in the walk, and it’s filling up with bodies as we speak – so now’s not the time to shuffle your feet and moan. Sign up here!

The Singapore Zombie Walk is on Oct 27, 2012 at Clark Quay. Meeting point is at Riverside Point at 8.29pm (the late zombie misses the brain! Remember that … with whatever memory organ you have left.) And the walk will end by 9.59pm, depending on how fast you do the moonwalk. Come in zombie garb! Not sure what that is? I’m sure if you put a few brains together you’d come up with something. Best of all? IT’S FREE!

And for an idea of just how bad the pandemic is …

And don’t forget: Red Dot Diva herself will be there in the flesh for some sound bites! So go ahead and bite, I’m sure she won’t mind. Remember to tear the skin.

Infect! Infect!

(Need more info? Check out their Facebook and Twitter)

In related news, there’s also a Cosplay Zombie Walk that will also be held on the same Saturday, 27th October, but at Fish & Co. @ The Glass House.

To build up hype, check out this awesome video done by the amazing Mezame (who was also responsible for the “Call Me Maybe” STGCC vid we posted a month ago) and our friends at The Neo Tokyo Project! The cinematography is fantastic, and the direction is superb. Yes, the acting is hilarious in some parts (and not in a good sense) but all in all, a vid worth checking out.


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