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SGCC 2019: 7 Artist Alley Gems This SGCC Regular Adored

What happens when you have a wallet ready for spending and a deep appreciation for the creative expression of artists sharing your interests? You throw money at them. Here are 12 friendly and talented artists across 7 booths among the vastness of this year’s Singapore Games & Comics Convention (SGCC) that I couldn’t get enough of. Do keep an eye out for them on Sunday or if you missed them, check out their social media or online stores in the links shared!

(Photos by Sarah Lee)


SamaraSketch is undoubtedly one of my favourite boothers in conventions. When you find a kindred spirit who appreciates the all-around amazingness of the iconic Lois Lane? You stan. Hard. Her art features a variety of DC heroines ranging from the more well-known ones (Wonder Woman, Starfire, Raven) to the less-popular but just as awesome (Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Huntress).

Check out her lovely floral-themed 2020 calendar featuring DC’s fabulous ladies.


Partnering with her is JellyFishPencakes, the first of the several features in this post involving punny art. Bobasaur? Instant fave.



Pelcron features fanart from Marvel and Good Omens, among others. I’m particularly impressed with how they capture the MCU actors’ features, while not completely being photorealistic. Favourite pieces are definitely the prints of the Into the Spider-verse characters chilling in a diner and the Venom symbiote helping out Eddie Brock with making pancakes.

Shoutout to these rad enamel pins!



LaughAndBelly is a regular boother in local cons with her punny cards and tote bags. The sheer amount she churns out on a regular basis just blows my mind! I’m particularly appreciative of the puns she comes up with that have a local flavour to it. Because nothing says I Love You like “You are the egg to my prata. Without you I am kosong” or “Thank you for being there during my highs and milos”.


4. SAOWEE (TF46&TF48)

Here we have a group of artists across two booths, but the one I shopped at was TF46, consisting of 4 artists: Kami, Punziella, Kihorii, Tamika. Because their booth was so vast that it obscured their faces, they (hilariously) opted to gives us a handy shoutout.

Featuring artwork that includes but not limited to: Spider-Verse, Good Omens, Steven Universe, Pokémon, Miraculous Ladybug, the MCU, etc. I had previously purchased Punziella’s stunning Sailor Moon print in a previous convention, and didn’t hesitate to do the same for her stunning modern interpretation of Avatar: The Last Airbender characters.







Lunarei dabbles with pastel cuteness, complete with prints of diverse mermaids and enamel pins that look sweet enough to give you a toothache.


NuffyPuffy contributes to the punny feast (have you figured out by now that puns are the way to this writer’s heart and wallet?) with cards prime for special occasions and all-around wholesomeness.



Batfam and Voltron fans will possibly have their interest piqued over at Berrybooze’s booth, with prints and keychains to ooh and ahh at. Also features one of the greatest crossover fanart I’ve ever had the privilege of viewing. I salute you.

And yes, another salute just for producing some of my all-time favourite food puns. Local flavour and something for my fellow pottymouths!



Last, but definitely not the least, DC & Marvel fans might recognise Peter Nugyen’s art either in our comics or through his art floating around the Internet. A first-timer to our city, he is a last-minute addition to this year’s Artist Alley, but nonetheless a welcome one. 

Check out his prints featuring the X-Men, the male Robins, Titans, and my personal fave that I was excited to purchase – DC’s Superheroines.


If you haven’t closed the browser tab by now with all the pun-sharing, note that these are just 12 out of the many, many creatives we are blessed with this year. There are a whole lot of other fandoms represented across Artist Alley, and even original content to dip your toes in!

See anything you like? Support these talents however you can – Buy stuff, spread the word, or simply show your appreciation by saying hi to them at the Con!

Sarah Lee

Her appreciations in life include puns and fictional ladies. Also, Lois Lane is her Supreme Queen of Everything.

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