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Search your feelings at ArtScience Museum’s Star Wars: Identities

The Force is Strong With This One

The Force is strong at the ArtScience Museum this year, with the opening of the Star Wars: Identities exhibition, held from 30 January to 13 June 2021. Tickets are now available online.

The exhibition will feature close to 200 artefacts from the Lucasfilm archives, from the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies, and even The Force Awakens. The Singapore stop of the exhibition is also its final stop, so this will be your last chance (for a while?) to get up close to props, artwork and costumes from the films.

A Dip Into The Archives

One key highlight of the exhibition is a look at all the artefacts, many of them originals from the films. You’ll also get to see lots of artwork for the film, including Ralph McQuarrie’s originals when director George Lucas was still pitching Star Wars.

Many of the exhibits are truly iconic. From the Yoda puppet, to Darth Vader’s suit, it is worth seeing them up close.

You’ll also learn some trivia, including how Han Solo in carbonite used Harrison Ford’s face and hand molds, but that body belongs … to someone else.

There’s little things you should look closely at too, especially Palpatine’s Frieze near the end, which contains a little nod to fellow director Steven Spielberg.

There’s enough in there to fascinate any fan. But while there’s probably billions more possible props to show, and shows like The Mandalorian aren’t featured at all, I think all the key pieces of history are there. And as usual, a guide to bring us through and share trivia would be fantastic.

Also, doesn’t this early concept-art version of Yoda look like George Lucas?

Finding Your Star Wars Identity

But where the exhibition really shines is in the interactive portion of it. You’ll be equipped with an RFID tag, which you can scan at various stations and create a Star Wars character that represents you.

You’ll explore what “Forces” shape you. Your choices will affect your character, whether it’s your race, where you’re born, or the kind of parents you had. You’ll even get to do an MBTI-style quiz, as well as choose whether to accept Palpatine’s offer.

It’s something that’s nice and simple, that adds an interesting aspect on top of viewing the wonderful artefacts. I’ve created a number of characters for Star Wars MMORPGs before, and even then, creating Zackbar was fun! Zackbar is a Mon Calamarian who got caught (it’s a trap!) and ended up excelling as a slave. There are many permutations, so it’ll be fun to give this a go again.

One of the selection panels has one of the funniest official Star Wars art, and deserves to be seen up close.

So search your feelings, and create your own identity in a galaxy far, far away.

A Long, Long Wait

This is the final stop for Star Wars: Identities. You might be surprised to know that all the artefacts have been stored in Singapore for close to a year: The exhibition was supposed to open in April last year, until the Circuit Breaker struck. Re-jigging the exhibition for these pandemic times was a challenge for the organisers.

“This was quite a challenge because the exhibition was designed prior to COVID,” said exhibition presenter Pico Pro general manager Barnabas Chia. “So we have to kind of adapt the layout, as well as some of meet some design minor design changes in order to handle the expected throughput of people, and maintain that maintains the interactivity of the exhibition.”

The Star Wars Identities Media Conference. (Screenshot)

“What makes a what this exhibition apart from others is really the high degree of interactivity, being able to walk through 10 stations, interact with them, and come up, you know with with your own unique identity as part of the Star Wars universe,” he added at the media press conference. “So, that was key for the exhibition and for us to adapt it to the new normal in a COVID environment was, was fairly challenging for us.”

It has been a challenging time for all of us, but this trip to a galaxy far, far away is a worthwhile one indeed. Don’t miss it! The kids will love it.

Star Wars: Identities at the ArtScience Museum runs from 30 Jan 2021 to 13 Jun 2021. Tickets are available online from S$20 per person. You can use your SingapoRediscovers vouchers!


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