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Omnidesk launches The Pokémon Desks

It's super effective for your back!

Spending all day in the field means Pokémon trainers also need good desks at home for their backs. Now, home-grown standing desk company Omnidesk is launching The Pokémon Desks for all you aching Trainers.

The Pokémon Desks feature ergonomic desks with some Pokémon flair. You can pick from 3 designs: The Evolution, The Classic, and The Icon. All 3 are additions to their premium electric Omnidesk Pro 2020 lineup.

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 is Omnidesk’s fully modular and upgradeable electric desk platform. The on-board console features programmable presets to set your standing and seated profiles. The frame fits table-tops from 42″ to 74″, and you can add-on monitor arms, cable management tools, PC holders and speaker mounts.

Prices for The Pokémon Desks start at S$950, inclusive of GST, flat-pack delivery, and an extended 5-year warranty.

All 3 designs launch on 11 December 2020, and you can check them out below! Orders placed before 15 December will arrive before Christmas. You can also check the desks out in person at Omnidesk’s official website, as well as its showroom.

The Evolution

Pokémon Desks: The Evolution
Pokémon Desks: The Evolution. (Photo: Omnidesk)

I’ll start off by saying that I wished they named this “The Eeveelutions”. Still, this desk is perfect for those who love Eevee and all the various evolutions. Joining them is a very happy Pikachu, with the design of a Pokéball as the background.

Poké Ball motifs also decorate the desk’s black legs and Cable Management Bar.

The Classic

Next, we have “The Classic”, which features starter Pokémon from the Kanto and Galar regions. The pure-white tabletop is the most subtle of the three, but look up close and you’ll see Poké Ball motifs etched into the white table top and sides.

But the star of the show are the starter Pokémon, shown in all their cuteness.

The Icon

The last, but in no way least, is “The Icon” starring Charizard.

This is the desk for hardcore Pokémon and Charizard fans. The black desk legs also have Poké Ball motifs, this time in an orange-on-black design.

So if you’re a budding Trainer who wants to keep their back strong, Omnidesk’s Pokémon Collection will be right up your alley.

The “Start Of More Announcements”

“The Pokémon Collection by Omnidesk brings together some of the world’s best-loved Pokémon with our line of Omnidesk Products,” said Benjamin Huang, Omnidesk’s Managing Director. “This is the start of more exciting announcements to come, and we look forward to presenting more trend-setting products to customers in Singapore and the region.”

Omnidesk is also looking forward to expanding its offerings to cater to both workspaces and home offices alike. This is especially so since more people are working from home.

“We are seeing a sharp increase in sales, and expect this to continue, as more companies allow their staff to work from home in the future. Even those who are back in their offices are starting to realise the importance of ergonomics on workplace performance,” said Huang.

Maybe this will mean more Pokémon designs … and even other collabs? Watch this space!


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