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Highlights from the STGCC 2018 presscon

The Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC 2018) is upon us once again, arguably the largest annual geek event depending on your style. If your cup of tea is comics, cosplay and/or computer games, then it is highly likely you can come to drink your fill at this year’s edition of STGCC/GGXP, held at Marina Bay Sands. A day ahead of the event, event organisers ReedPOP held a presscon to touch on the highlights on one of the biggest pop-culture events in Singapore.

There’s almost too many things to keep track of, so here’s the stuff that caught our eye. If you are of a similar vintage to us, you may be interested to know that Voltron is back, and they’ve assembled themselves in the LEGO zone of STGCC in the form of five interactive Voltron lions. Although these lions are based on the American Defenders of the Universe variety, they are relatively faithful to the cult Japanese classic. In addition, if you didn’t get enough of speed-building at Legoland, how about stressing out your fingers to fumble together a full-size Voltron model within a time limit, with autographed Voltron sets at stake? 

The Lego Hogwarts Castle. (Photo: Alvin Chong)
The Lego Hogwarts Castle. (Photo: Alvin Chong)

While on the topic of LEGO, there’s also limited sets of Hogwarts Castle on sale at STGCC which consist of a massive 6,000 bricks. While you swoop in to get your set, beware of Dementors patrolling the area, but don’t forget to use the official Harry Potter backdrop to photograph your creations against.


The Good Game Experience (GGXP), separate from yet simultaneous with STGCC, also offers its own highlights. Take part in the GGXPedition, a journey through local indie games that will not only nourish your soul but also possibly see you home with a brand new Nintendo Switch. Come support local e-sport champions at the World Electronic Sports Games qualifiers, or become tabletop tyrants through trading card tournaments in new titles such as Pokemon GO and Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Catventure, the game and merch! (Photo: Alvin Chong)

Speaking of tabletop, come support the official launch of Catventure, a local card game.

Some local board games, including Cryptocurrency, (Photo: Daryl Chow)

There;’s also Cryptocurrency, a proudly Singapore-made economic game that is currently on Kickstarter.

We’ve barely covered the basics, so you’ll just have to take our word that there’s a whole lot more going on, and be sure to come out and join us Saturday and Sunday at Halls D, E and F of Marina Bay Sands Expo from 10am to 8pm!

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