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Have fun creating dungeons at Curious Chimera’s Dungeon Bash

If you’re into role-playing games, the cool clan at Curious Chimeras have a fun little competition that might be just up your alley. The inaugural Dungeon Bash 2018 will have you (or your team) creating your own swashbuckling adventure through a forest, a spelunking joyride through a jewel-studded mine, or even a crazy underwater deep dive for treasure.

You’ll face off against others in a madcap rush to create a One Page Dungeon (OPD). The catch? You have to design your OPDs according to some prompts given only at the venue, and design it all in 4 hours to boot!

  • What: Dungeon Bash 2018
  • When: 13 January 2018, 1pm
  • Where: ACE Ideation Centre (LaunchPad@one-north)
  • How: Sign up on the Dungeon Bash website
  • How much: S$12

Your A4-sized OPDs will be reviewed by a jury comprising mega names in the local tabletop/gaming community such as Have Dice, Will Travel, Void Deck Games, Neo Tokyo Project and Witching Hour Studios. There’s an Audience Award too, so take your dungeons out to play at your tabletop RPG game nights, then get your players to vote for your dungeon!

If you’re interested to find out more about Dungeon Bash and what an OPD is, more details and resources are available on the Dungeon Bash website and their FAQ.

Dungeon Bash 2018 is the inaugural edition of Curious Chimeras’ One Page Dungeon (OPD) design competition. Inspired by other restricted analogue game design competitions as well as 24-hour playwriting or story competitions, Dungeon Bash is a snappy, scrappy and bashy version of all of the above!

Curious Chimeras is a Singaporean game design company specialising in tabletop games. 


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