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Fandom Level Up! An Interview with cosplayer Drefan

Drefan's Thor cosplay
Drefan’s Thor cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

If you’ve ever attended pop culture events like Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC), Anime Festival Asia or CosFest, you’d probably not have missed Drefan, whose costume talent, mighty physique, and engaging charisma have brought life to dozens of superheroes and villains over the past several years.

Hot on the heels of International Cosplay Day Singapore, and in the lead up to STGCC, got a chance to engage this impressive cosplayer in an email interview.

All photos courtesy of Drefan Cosplay.

1. So tell us a bit more about who the cosplayer Drefan is today. What inspired you in the past? What inspires you now?

He is highly disorganised, managing over 30 unfinished costumes, and highly unreliable because he vanishes from the radar randomly. Hahahah! It has always been my love for the particular series or character that inspires me. I feel that cosplaying is the ultimate, most creative way a fan can pay tribute.

Drefan's Superman cosplay Credit: Drefan Cosplay
Drefan’s Superman cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

2. What kind of factors are involved when you determine which cosplay to do and what events to attend?

 “Fandom level” and character suitability. For events, friends and fellow cosplayers play a big part. I also lean towards gaming/geek/cosplay events.

Drefan's Kratos God of War cosplay
Drefan’s Kratos God of War cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

3. What have been your favourite cosplays in the past? Why are they your favourite?

They are all precious to me. But if I had to choose something, I’d probably pick my video game cosplays. I feel somewhat more attached to them, because unlike anime, comics, and movies in which you are just observing events, these characters interact with you. Like you were actually a part of their lives. The adventures together. The decisions made. The deaths. *cough*

Drefan's Bane cosplay Credit: Drefan Cosplay
Drefan’s Bane cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

4. Would you say you have an influence on the US-centric cosplay scene in Singapore today?

Hmm I don’t think so. It might only seem so because we’re relatively small, and I’m one of the more vocal ones.

Drefan's Venom cosplay Credit: Drefan Cosplay
Drefan’s Venom cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

5. This year, for STGCC, you’re leading the charge to get more Marvel/DC cosplays to show up, to the point of organising Marvel for Day 1 and DC for Day 2.

Oh no no no. I’m not leading anything. It was just an open invitation on everybody’s behalf. The days’ themes were decided based on the cosplay plans of the majority.

I’ve been attending STGCC since the very first one. It’s the closest thing we’ve ever gotten to a Comic Con, and it’s amazing to have seen it grown into such a prominent event that even attracts cosplayers from overseas. People actually flying over to this little dot on the map? Wow. Quite a huge portion of the Marvel/DC group are foreigners who have returned, and we hope to make even more friends this time round.

How do you feel about the growing interest in doing cosplays of US characters?

I think it is utterly refreshing! The obsession and bias for all-things-Japanese in the local scene has grown to the point of irritation.

Drefan's Shao Kahn cosplay Credit: Drefan Cosplay
Drefan’s Shao Kahn cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

6. What’s next in the future for Drefan, the cosplayer? What events or costumes are you looking forward to?

I’m particularly looking forward to STGCC, Comic Fiesta, and GameStart, that new gaming event which looks promising! I’m also really excited to debut my Thrall (World of Warcraft), Jim Raynor (Starcraft II), Barbarian (Diablo III), Raubhan (FFXIV), Axe(DOTA2) among many others.

7. Finally, any advice for aspiring cosplayers out there?

Definitely always keep your priorities in check! There are more important things than cosplay. Then once you find your passion and motivation, everything else will fall nicely into place.

Drefan's Thor cosplay Credit: Drefan Cosplay
Drefan’s Thor cosplay
Credit: Drefan Cosplay

Thanks for the time and the photos Drefan! If all goes well, he will be debuting two new comic book heroes at STGCC – Marvel’s Hercules on Day 1 and DC’s Hawkman on Day 2, catch him then!

Peter Lin

His teenage years spent nursing a giant man-crush on Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, Peter naturally found himself drawn to many other heroes who depicted strong, manly qualities, including the honour-bound warrior Worf, first Klingon in Starfleet, and the muscular rock hard abs of The Thing.

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