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Explore new horizons on Sentosa Crossing

Don’t let the circuit breaker stop you from visiting The State Of Fun: You can now visit an Animal Crossing: New Horizons version of Sentosa! Check out this virtual announcement:

Too cute.

So instead of just hunting that pesky mole cricket for hours alone, you can now get some (virtual) vitamin D on the sunny island of Sentosa Crossing.

The island will feature some iconic Sentosa elements, like the Sentosa Roundabout, beach bars, the Sentosa Beach Party, and the Skyline Luge. And they’re all very cute.

There’s even yoga on the beach – and in this video everybody’s doing the pose I’m the best at.

You can even visit Capella Singapore for a quick nap, or hold a wedding at Rasa Sentosa.

Sentosa Crossing will be open for visit daily during the following hours – each 2-hour time slot will consist of three 30-minute session, limited to 4 visitors per session so it doesn’t get too crowded.

  • 10am to 12noon Singapore time
  • 2pm to 4pm SGT
  • 6pm to 8pm SGT

To visit Sentosa Crossing, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing, as well as an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

If you’re ready, click here for a chance to visit Sentosa Crossing. You’ll be able to register for the subsequent 3 days – for example, on Friday, you’ll be able to register for Saturday to Monday. You’ll have to answer the question of the week correctly, and you’ll get a chance to be one of the virtual visitors.

It’s limited to 4 players per half-hour session, which means 48 players a day will get to enjoy Sentosa Crossing. If your registration is successful, you’ll receive an email confirmation, as well as a Dodo code 15 minutes before your slot.

So just visit your airport, enter that Dodo code, and you’ll be on your way to Sentosa Crossing!

You can find out more here:

“Through our virtual offerings, we would like to encourage everyone to make time for an “island getaway” during these challenging times, as a break is important for one’s mental wellbeing”, said Lynette Ang, Chief Marketing Officer, Sentosa Development Corporation.

“In addition, while exploring these leisure experiences, guests can also be inspired with ideas for future outings to Sentosa. We are planning to offer more novel leisure options for our guests and very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to The State of Fun again soon,” she added. “Meanwhile, until we see you again, do stay home and stay safe.”

Sentosa says that Sentosa Crossing is not affiliated or endorsed with Nintendo in any way, so it sounds like the staff have put in hundreds of hours just to set this up. So do enjoy the island, and leave it how you found it!

Registration for Sentosa Crossing is now open.


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