SingaporeComicsSingapore News, an online database of Singapore comic creators, launched

It’s something we’ve heard bandied about before – I’m sure even we considered it at some point – but now someone has done the amazing work of collating the work of Singapore comic creators all on one easy-to-access website.

Situated at, the website is the initiative of AsiaPac Books manager Chong Lingying. Together with guidance from the team, she’s created an online directory of comic creators born or based in Singapore.

With it you’ll get a guide to who’s who in Singapore’s comic scene, together with links to their personal sites and social media accounts. There’s also a list of various Singapore webcomics – those still online, at least. There’s much more there to discover, especially those which have long gone offline, but collating everything around right now is already a huge job.

And there’s also an events calendar for the local scene! This obviously is a labour of love for Chong, and while I’m sure it isn’t exhaustive yet, this is an amazing start. And if you think it isn’t exhaustive, why not help add to it?


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