Singapore-based Comic Grail Vault announces exclusive SILK cover by Peach Momoko

Is third time the charm for Marvel hero Silk? After four years since her second series ended, the Korean-American superhero has a new solo series next month! It’ll be the first collaboration between Maurene Goo and Takeshi Miyazawa, two very talented creators in their own right. But today it’s another creator that we’ve got the spotlight on – Peach Momoko.

Singapore-based Comic Grail Vault announced their first Marvel exclusive – a Peach Momoko cover for the upcoming Silk #1 issue! This is part of their first anniversary celebrations.

With only 3,000 trade dress and 1,000 virgin covers, expect people to be camping out on Comic Grail Vault’s website. Pre-sale starts on the 26th.

UPDATE: Comic Grail Vault has just released the price list!

(note: their social media post states this isn’t the final trade dress, so we’ll update this post as soon as we get more info)

This Marvel exclusive is an incredible coup for Comic Grail Vault and an affirmation of all the hard work and effort by its Watcher, Randolph Tan. He really made the most of last year’s Circuit Breaker to conduct weekly Facebook livestreams focused on highly sought-after exclusive variants.

And each of these livestreams get over 1,000 views!

But even with those accomplishments, to get an official Marvel exclusive from a creator like Peach Momoko is something else!

Peach Momoko – inaugural Marvel Stormbreaker

Peach is no stranger to fans in Singapore – she was at the last Singapore Comic Con in 2019 (what feels like a lifetime ago now). But in 2021, her star is strapped to a rocket! She was named in the inaugural class of Marvel’s Stormbreakers in October last year.

Peach Momoko feature as part of the inaugural 2020 class of Marvel's Stormbreakers

Her first big upcoming project for Marvel as a Stormbreaker is Demon Days: X-Men in March, a prestige format 5-part series set in Japan. Peach Momoko reimagines several iconic characters including Psylocke, Venom, Emma Frost and Juggernaut with a yōkai twist.

Interior art from Demon Days: X-Men by Peach Momoko

Kudos once again to Comic Grail Vault for this very impressive achievement and congrats on turning 1! Check out their weekly livestreams on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

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  1. Hello from Canada. I’m loving the new Marvel female characters especially Silk and Ghost Spider (Gwen).
    Marvel is paving a new era of female Superheroes and teaching little girls everywhere that they can do anything.

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