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Brie Larson would like to see Ms Marvel in the Captain Marvel sequel

We’ve not even seen the upcoming Captain Marvel movie yet, but main star Brie Larson has whetted our appetite for the sequel – Ms Marvel Kamala Khan herself.

At the Captain Marvel press conference held in Singapore on 14 Feb, a Vietnamese reporter asked Larson who she would like to pair with in future movies.

“My dream would be that Ms Marvel gets to come into play,” said Larson, leading to some excited whoops from the audience (one from me).

Ms Marvel stars on the Captain Marvel fan event

And while Kamala Khan might not appear in the upcoming movie – given that its set in the past – Ms Marvel still made her presence felt at the fan event held at the Marina Bay Sands.

A group of cosplayers from Singapore also got together to bring Ms Marvel to the event. They also tagged the costume designer for the current Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel, Jamie McKelvie, who replied, “Love it!”

Looks like it was a Marvel-lous time for all!


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