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This Batman V Superman fitness tracker acts as an EZ-Link card

If you’ve always wanted to feel a little more super-heroic when riding the bus, there’s a new fitness tracker that might be right up your alley.  EZ-Link on Thursday (Jan 19) announced the Batman V Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link. It’s created in collaboration with Watchdata Technologies, a Beijing digital authentication and transaction security company based in Singapore.

The new BvSFTXEZL – aka the “Sharkey” – can track steps taken, amount of calories burnt and sleep quality via the Watchdata Wearables app. But the cool factor is that it allows contactless payments on public transit and at ez-link payment points island-wide. If you’re the sort you hates fishing out your wallet when tapping in and out of buses and trains, this will be perfect for you. That said – it looks like you can choose from the BvS or Superman logo, but no solo Batman!

The new device joins earlier superhero-themed efforts, from the Justice League EZ-Link cards to the Captain America and Batman V Superman EZ-Charms. The latter replaces the card with a little charm you can hang anywhere (like your phone or keychain) – and I know quite a few people who enjoy using it.

The Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link will be available at the My EZ-Link Online Shop from Jan 24, 11am, at S$42.80.

New GARMIN-EZ-Link Fitness Trackers

The Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link. (Image: EZ-Link)

That’s not the only fitness tracker with EZ-Link capabilities – the Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link was also revealed. This is a more full-featured device compared to the BvSFTXEZL – it offers activity tracking, heart-rate monitoring, as well as notifications. Not quite a smartwatch, but still, another reason to keep your phone in your pocket!

This isn’t Garmin’s first rodeo – last year they introduced the vívosmart HR band in Taiwan for contactless payments on public transport too. 

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“Last year, we integrated a similar contactless chip into the vívosmart HR band in Taiwan which lets users pay for train rides, bus trips and retail purchases via the I-Pass electronic wallet stored within the chip,” Al Sundoro, General Manager, Garmin South Asia said. “This collaboration with EZ-Link puts Singapore on the road map as the first country in South-east Asia to offer a contactless payment solution where you can pay for public transport rides with a tap of your wearable on your wrist.”

Both devices are part of the EZ-Link Wearables product line, and one can expect more such devices in future.

The Garmin vívosmart HR with EZ-Link will be available at major retailers from end-March 2017 at S$259.


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