Peter Panzerfaust #6: Comic review

PARIS, Part One
Paris cowers in the shadow of the Third Reich and one of the Lost Boys has become their prisoner. There is no running. There is no hiding. There is only the mission: save Felix!

So begins a new chapter in Kurtis J Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins adaptation of the Peter Pan tale via World War II. We ended chapter one (or issue 5) with the death of one of the lost boys and the capture of another, Felix.

With the start of #6, narration switches over to another lost boy. This time it’s Curly (or Julien, the one with the distinctive mop) who guides our story forward, mostly because he’s the one in charge of the plans to save Felix. Things move a little closer to Peter Pan with the lost boys and Peter Panzerfaust up to some mischief to free their trapped friend, and while the speed in which things fell into place might seem a little rushed, Wiebe has managed to formulate a plan worthy of Peter himself.

Tyler Jenkins’ pencils finally get a bit of space to breathe with a lot less characters to work with thanks to the focus on Curly. It’ll be interesting to see where his character designs go for upcoming characters (Wiebe has promised the entire cast of Peter Pan in this arc), especially given the real-world setting of this comic. Storytelling wise with the introduction of Curly as narrator the book does move forward at a faster clip (which sometimes leads to a simplified plot like I mentioned earlier), and this helps add a dimension of tension to the story – things are definitely happening and the boys are putting themselves on the line moreso than ever before – which means volume two might be quite the cracker.

And of course – the issue ends on a cliffhanger thanks to a shocking reveal – and I have no idea what’ll happen next. With Shuster award winner Wiebe at the helm, this ought to be interesting!


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