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Instamold Review and Quick Urban Basing Tutorial

If you’ve been checking out Workshop Wednesdays, you might have noticed that in the last entry, my Khador Battle Engine and Assault Kommandos had some funky urban basing. And they were a result of my new toy, Instamold.

Instamold is a heat activated mold: it starts out about the consistency of silicone rubber when at room temperature (and isn’t sticky), but becomes pliable and sticky when placed in boiling water. It’s a press mold, so you can make 1 part molds of flat items, or even 2-part molds (which I haven’t been ambitious enough to try yet). The best part about it is that it’s reusable: you can make a mold of.. say a banner, then melt it down by throwing it in some boiling (or really hot water) and reusing it to make bricks and pavements. In fact, that’s what I did.

Here, I turned some bricks from my WHF terrain into a mold for cobblestones for my bases.

As you can see, it’s all gummy, pliable and clear when it’s hot…

And then slightly translucent when cooled down. If you want to cool it down faster, pour some cold water on it, or stick it in your fridge or freezer.

After it’s sufficiently cooled, I mixed up a combination of green stuff, as well as cheaper 2-part epoxy putty, as the second one hardens faster and is cheaper than greenstuff. I still added green stuff though, to make sure that the detail wasn’t lost (the cheaper putty doesn’t hold detail very well). I then smooshed it on a base, pressed the brick mold into them and…


Paint them up and you’ve got some great urban bases!

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been able to get instamold to hold really fine details like inscriptions and the like, but I think that if you want it for basic terrain or molding, it should be more than up to the task. I myself am really happy with instamold; it’s going to be a lot easier to make Khador symbols and the like. 🙂


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