Comic Chunks: There’s vampires in my DC and X-men

Hey there everyone! The US’ labor day meant that there was a delay in shipping. It’s ok though, it meant that I’d be able to have a few more comics to read at one go. This week we have The Last Unicorn #3, Birds of Prey #5, Batgirl #14 and X-men #3 and a new magazine, Comic Heroes #3! Oh yes, spoiler warnings apply here.

For those who have ever watched the animation or read the story of The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle might find this comic adaptation nostalgic. The artwork’s beautiful and you can feel the expressions of the characters in each panel. The iconic scene of Molly Grue meeting the unicorn is in this issue, The Last Unicorn #3.

Heh, the cover art really didn’t tease readers about this.

Ok, I didn’t read the story but I watched the animation so I am very pleased to find more plot details in this comic that wasn’t in the animated movie. For those who had never actually known the story of The Last Unicorn, this is a fantasy story of heart wrenching proportions. I don’t want to spoil the ending but there’s a sequel to this by Peter S. Beagle himself called Two Hearts.

Hey, hey! It’s Birds of Prey #5, the previous issues keep getting reprinted over and over again. Goes to show how popular it is. EXCITEMENT! There’s a Savant/Creote scene in the rain! It’s always more romantic when you’re in danger and also in the rain. The threat of pneumonia always spices things up. But seriously, I would totally feel Barbara’s third wheel-ness even if she was brought there by them.

Pretty sweet scene before things get violent once more!

Small introductions on the key characters just in case you’ve jumped in this issue. The crew are mostly recovering in hospital and Dinah’s off to Bangkok. Duh, duh, DUUH! Barbara’s really busy and really the rest seem discouraged after being together once more. Still, don’t you just love it when they get stubborn?

Anyway, Helena and Zinda’s off to Bangkok to get Dinah back. On an artwork point of view, I don’t know if it’s me but the last few pages Helena looks really Asian for some reason. As usual, you get a cliffhanger ending on the last page. On that last page I wonder: Huh, white, really? I wonder if it’s more difficult to find good bleach to have it laundered properly when it gets dirty. You’ll know what I mean once you’ve read this issue.

Batgirl #14‘s issue title is called Terror in the Third Dimension starring Batgirl and Supergirl and Dracula! Yeah, with a title like that you can figure out the issue’s going to be less angsty and more of the fun type.

It’s a stand alone story like a brief break before next issue in which Batman comes back to his proper timeline and all the other Bat universe related comics will feature him too. Meanwhile, Supergirl (Kara) is out on a night of fun with Steph. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) after a boring night, they’re off to the local cinema to watch a 3d vampire classic. Oddly coincidental scientific machinery happens nearby and it’s up to the two of them to stop 24 vampires!

It’s easy for Kara to just rip her top off to reveal her costume. Not so easy for Stephanie to change out but she manages to do it eventually. I wonder where she stuffed her costume though. On a different note, you can get bras with Batgirl symbols at Cotton On. The more you know!

This issue’s pretty much a fun night out for the girls and it’s like an odd parody of Buffy. Really, blonde girls with super powers staking vampires? Total fun with how ridiculous they can get at hunting them. Of course, there’s an underlying message to the story. They aren’t really alone because in the end, at least they’ll have each other as pals when things get tough. I foresee things getting really tough in the next issue when Batman returns.

Meanwhile, vampires, vampires and vampires! X-men #3 is part of an event in the X universe where vampires are attacking mutants. Vampires are getting everywhere. Jubilee is bait for Wolverine.

Tell me who didn’t see that coming? (No one.) It makes sense for Wolverine to chase after her though and it is a good plan. Just that, we as the reader would know it’s so obvious even if the characters didn’t think so.

To fix this increase of vampires, Cyclops got Namor to bring back Vlad’s head to resurrect him once more. Perhaps with Vlad back, he would stop his son and his vampiric army. In Cyclop’s words to Vlad regarding the whole mess, “I just want you to follow your heart”. I might be missing something of a hidden meaning since I didn’t read the issues on when they killed Vlad but Emma Frost is certainly being tactful to Cyclops instead of just saying, “You’re an idiot”.

You know what? With all the preview issue summaries from Marvel themselves, it’s no spoiler to know Wolverine turns into a vampire. Betrayed by Jubilee, oh my. How dramatic. Vampire!Jubilee looks like she’s trying so hard to look vampy. Lose the black lipstick. She’d look much better with blood red if she wanted to look ‘evil’. Also, is there anything Wolverine hasn’t become yet? Probably Unicorn!Wolverine or something. Still, he looks hot as Vampire!Wolverine.

Comic Heroes is a new magazine by the same guys who did SFX magazine. I got myself issue 3, which is the autumn 2010 issue. The magazine comes with a Sidekick Comic, 3 Walking Dead badges and a giant double sided poster of Superman and Wonder Woman.

It’s a pretty big package! The magazine and assorted freebies came in a file envelope of sorts. The Sidekick Comic has 6 previews of comics which tempts you enough to check out more about each title themselves. I like the 3 free badges that it came with too. They were a bit dented but since these are Walking Dead badges, it just gave them character.

The magazine itself is full of exclusives, interviews, behind the scenes and tips on comic drawing by professionals! It’s really content saturated unlike some pop culture magazines that I shall not write the name of here… Good job Future Publishing, Comic Heroes seems very promising! Next issue comes out in December.

That’s it for this week people! If you’re reading the issues that I posted on or are going to read them, comment with what you think on them.

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