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Pshaw. More like Bioware made a mistake.

I say this again. MAJOR SPOILERS. (Hope that picture on top isn’t too bad) Everything is under the cut. If you really want a spoiler free blurb, I’ll have to say that every decision you made had such a profound impact on how things turned out- except in the last 5 minutes. And this sudden about face is why every Mass Effect fanboy out there is crying foul.

Want more proof? Super spoiler clicken clicken here!

We have an example of how differently the story unfolds with the interplay between Shepard, Mordin (our very favourite scientist salarian) and the Genophage. Other variables include the presence of Wrex, whether you saved the Genophage data in ME2, and lots more, but we’ve got the key points here (recommend you watch them in their proper size in youtube):

As full Paragon, and curing the Genophage:

Convincing Mordin to go down a seperate path:

Making sure that the ends justify the means (and honestly? Just being an ALL ROUND DOUCHEBAG):

See how different it is? I’m sure there are countless iterations what happened, but we see all the difference we need in these three ‘endings’. The noble sacrifice, versus the diplomatic persuasion, versus the bloody and coldhearted murder of a loyal friend. You save a race, or doom it. You let a friend go, or betray him. You are the very model of a paragon or renegade.

What about the final ending to this epic trilogy?

It’s a damn depressing thing when you can fit 6 (all 6?) endings into one single clip. It’s like that community episode with the alternate timelines, except in all of them they are-




Sure you have different coloured explosions and in some of them the Reapers blow up but in others they fly away, but COME ON.

I could talk about how the ending doesn’t make sense, or any other reasons why we hated the ending (they’re a lot of reasons) but honestly this is the one that breaks it for me. We were told we would affect the story. And we did… all throughout all 3 games. Except in the last 5 minutes.

And they’re wondering WHY we feel betrayed?


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