The Muppets Movie

2 weeks more – 14 days. Were not counting down to the fading away of the Twilight craze, but something that should be much bigger on our radar – The Muppets Movie.

This is something that I’ve been waiting for for the longest time. The Muppets have been always flying a little lower than the public conciousness, and they deserve, so, so, so much more than that – they’re definitely something I would geek out over. That’s right, and as extra bonus for geeky pleasure – Jason Segel’s producing (and acting) in it, and Bret McKenzie’s the music supervisor on it. If you’re wondering who he is, he’s world famous elf Figwit, pretty much the elf with the biggest fanclub in the world (also, he’s Bret from Flight of the Conchords aka Rhymenocerous). If that’s not enough geek cred for you – honestly, it’s the Muppets. What else do you need?

I’m not sure if I speak for my fellow geeks, but I do think any geek’s favourite Muppet should be the geekiest one of them all, well, other than Dr Bunsen Honeydew. Who else could it be but the lovable Beaker?

Let me explain: my background comes right into this. For those who know, I started my career as a scientist. Here’s proof:

That’s me on the left, being all scientist-ty, at the We Are Scientists concert, together and my wife and a fellow similarly named geek. I mean, who else goes for a We Are Scientists concert? (Well, that and I worked on Malaria for close to 6 years.)

And the thing about Beaker – he’s never really at the forefront, but he’s always at the back trying to salvage one thing or another. I think everybody knows how to make his plaintive, desperate cries as things go awry around him. Think of it, then, like this blog constantly going down for no reason whatsoever.

I’m sure I could write tons more words about Beaker, but honestly it’s just going to end up sounding like “me, me, me, me, me” – so I shan’t make this post too much about our similarities. We do have our differences, such as the difference in our hair colour. But still, Beaker is a muppet I’ve always held close to my heart.

And let’s not forget he’s a bleeding heart rocker.

(But sometimes, you know, I do like Animal a teeny bit more. But not always.)

Catch The Muppets in cinemas this 8 December 2011 and like the Official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page!


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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    1. Well, you know experiments can go really wrong! Also, I was probably drunk in that photo. (corrected! Thanks, very… Silly of me)

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