Summer Block Busters: A Trailer Calendar

Summer is just round the corner, and with that the tradition of Summer Blockbusters. Heavy on explosions, CGI and big-name actors, Hollywood relies on every weapon in their arsenal to magically turn money to ticket stubs. Sometimes, if you’re very lucky, they even rely on good plot, story and dialogue!

But do you even know how many big shows are coming your way in the next few months? We at HereBeGeeks decided to collect some of the trailers and let you see what you guys have in store! (The dates below correspond to reported Singapore release dates. We also recommend clicking on the trailers to see it in their full glory)

28 April: Thor

CG looks good, Natalie Portman looks better. But this is just going to whet our appetites for Captain America.
Anticipation: 3/5

5 May: Fast Five

Not to be confused with Faster (which also contains cars, hot girls and Dwayne Johnson), Fast Five is the (surprise surprise) fifth installation of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, featuring Vin Diesel, fights and a frightening array of cars and explosions. For Ah Beng in you.
Anticipation: 2/5

12 May: Paul

Simon Pegg. Nick Frost. ET. Part buddy flick, part toilet humour, all geek. Brit comedy that looks like it’s going to be a laugh.
Anticipation: 3/5

19 May: Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides

Johnny Depp! Geoffrey Rush! No Orlando Bloom! As long as the plot isn’t as convoluted as POTC 2 or 3, this is GOING TO BE FUN. Savvy?
Anticipation: 4/5

26 May: Kung Fu Panda 2

We enjoyed Kung Fu Panda, and the sequel seems to have the same amount of awesomeness and nonsenseness. The kungfu animals and how they fight are an added plus.
Anticipation: 3/5

2 June: X-Men First Class

Check out Professor X and Magneto before they were Professor X and Magneto! While the idea of Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus fighting the Soviets during the cold war is cool (and seeing any White Queen outfit is hot), the fact that FOX has the license to X-men and that Marvel didn’t really helm this (like they are the other movies) makes this movie a liiiittle bit iffy. Still, it’s the same guys that brought you stardustr and kickass, so we’re optimistic.
Anticipation: 3.5/5

16 June: Green Lantern

We saw this being previewed last year in SDCC 2010, and it looks real good then. Don’t particularly agree with the CG suit (a tron suit would’ve been cooler), but anything with Ryan Reynolds should at least be entertaining.
Anticipation: 2.5/5

30 June: Transformers, Dark Side of the Moon

The first trailer looked really interesting. The second one was just random robots and Michael Bay explosions. We’re… not expecting much for this one.
Anticipation: 2/5

14 July: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

All we’ve got is the first trailer, but that featured snippets from both movies. And it looks like it will do justice to an 8-movie epic.
Anticipation: 4/5

4 August: Captain America, The First Avenger

Costumes look good, sets look good, and Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving look GREAT! Teeny tiny Steve Rogers looks incredibly creepily frail (like Bejamin Button frail). Strangely enough, just in time for National Day.
Anticipation: 5/5

4 August: Cowboys and Aliens

Jon Favreau (of Iron Man directoring fame) makes a sci-fi movie featuring two geek faves: Cowboys… AND ALIENS! Whod’ve thunk it? As fans of Serenity and other genre mashups, we’re definitely going to give it a shot.
Anticipation: 3/5


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