Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides gets ready to raid our shores!

Aye, 19th o’ May 2011 is nigh upon ye, ye landlubber, and what better way t’ celebrate the return o’ Jack Sparrow t’ our screens than t’ partake in some piratey shennanigans? Before you run off t’ your torrents… o’ water whar your mighty pirate ship rests, stay a while, and listen, gar! Fer the fine folks at Disney have conjured up many an amusin’ trinket on facebook t’ catch your fancy.

Aye, on the official Pirates o’ the Caribbean page lies a selection o’ little apps t’ get you int’ the piratey mood – Pirate Yourself, Battle Galleons and Skull Creator, shiver me timbers! With a name like Skull Creator, how could one refuse, after all, any pirate worth his salt would have his own personal skull, blisterin’ barnacles!

Arrr, we begin with a plain skull, polished and e’er so pretty, like a sil’er dollar – but beware, gar! Within the app lies the most accursed danger, for when you tarry too long you’d be faced with…

Aye, ZZ Top’s most wretched and accursed unborn undead sister! Feast your eyes upon the twin pointed bearded leady o’ the seas! Stare int’ the sunglassed eyes, aflame with desire for gold, shiver me timbers! Beware the rusty blade fished from the ‘ery depths o’ Davy Jones’ bowels, thundering typhoons! Beware her siren’s call, the ‘oice o’ a thousand wailin’, coughin’ spirits beckonin’ you t’ enter her sleepin’ bag, argh!

Aye, maybe you’ll be better off playin’ the other 2 apps… or risk facin’ her dreaded visage, gar!

And don’t forget t’ partake in the challenge on board the Queen Anne’s Revenge!

Catch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie starting from 19th May 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!


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