New Beauty And The Beast TV spot, poster hit

With two months to the release of Disney’s latest live-action adaptation, Beauty And The Beast, a new TV spot has been released. It comes with a little snippet from another song – Belle’s Reprise – that shows off more of Emma Watson’s singing. You can take a listen in the video above.

This comes after the release of an original clip – 33 seconds from Something There – also featuring Emma Watson’s voice: 

What do you think? I’d love to hear more, but right now it’s hard to compare against the emotions the original songs (and singers) bring. And soon, we’ll find on just how on earth Ewan McGregor is going to sing in his French accent. And speaking of McGregor …

The official Singapore payoff poster has been released. With it comes a look at the human forms of all the Beast’s servants (but not the Beast himself). It’s nice to know what they look like, since we won’t be seeing their faces most of the time. So here you go:

(Image: Disney Singapore)

Also included – a whole bunch of stills from the upcoming movie! I must say that it’s shaping up very well, at least visually. This is arguably Disney’s biggest live-action adaptation yet, so they’re definitely pulling out the stops. Has it worked? We’ll find out when it opens, on March 16.

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