GV to release finger puppets for Toy Story 4

With Toy Story 4 set to hit cinemas on 20 June, Golden Village is set to release a range of finger puppets for you to get into the mood.

That’s just 10 of them.

Available at all GV cinemas from 13 June, the 12 finger puppets will be released as part of their combo deals. And yes – that’s 12 finger puppets: Your normal hands won’t be enough to wield all that power.

There are 3 combos to choose from, and each comes with a regular drink, 1 finger puppet, and a large popcorn (S$13.50) or nachos (S$14.50) or hotdog (S$14.50). You’re going to have to order 12 sets if you want all 12, basically. Members get a dollar off the combos!

Toy Story 4 hits Singapore cinemas on 20 June


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