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Comic Con Countdown: Scott Pilgrim Release Party

It’s two days to Comic Con, and that means the release of Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 is today! Yours truly was lucky enough to be part of the release in Toronto, with Bryan Lee O’Malley himself coming down and being awesome enough to sign books and everything

To be honest, when I got my tickets for Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour and was number 250/1000 one day before the event I thought the crowd would be pretty manageable. Was I ever wrong! A veritable sea of Scottoholics descended upon Mirvish Village last night, profusing love for everything SP.

The atmosphere was electric, what with the book coming out and the movie down the way. With the number of fans and costumed characters it almost felt like a spontaneous con, which is in all honesty probably the perfect way to gear up for San Diego Comic Con.

There were costume contests, as well as a huuge lineup for Bryan’s book and his signature. Bryan’s honestly the most awesome guy ever. By the way, the National Post also has something up on Bryan. Hit up the link!

Also, remember that the HereBeGeeks crew will be coming down to Comic Con as well. Keep posted as we report on site during the Preview tomorrow, and all throughout the events! Since we’ll be on the ground, we’ll probably be doing real quick and short posts and stuff… hope you guys like!

See you at Comic Con!


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