Captain America: Civil War Teaser Trailer + Posters

You know that feeling when you know how good a movie’s going to be yet you’re still getting chills just hearing about it? No? Then maybe I can start calling it the Captain America: Civil War shiver.

At first this showed up on my Facebook News Feed:

Then this:

And this:

But nothing, absolutely nothing could’ve prepared me for this:

Steve and Bucky fighting side by side! Rhodey takes Tony’s side, while Steve has Bucky, Sam, Wanda and Clint on his! The first appearance of T’Challa in the MCU! But all that paled in comparison to that incredible 2 on 1 fight sequence at the end.

Captain America: Civil War is out May 5th, 2016. Whose side are you on?

Peter Lin

His teenage years spent nursing a giant man-crush on Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, Peter naturally found himself drawn to many other heroes who depicted strong, manly qualities, including the honour-bound warrior Worf, first Klingon in Starfleet, and the muscular rock hard abs of The Thing.

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