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Bring Scott Pilgrim to Singapore!

You know, this week was supposed to be Scott Pilgrim week as we did a run up to build up anticipation to the showing of Scott Pilgrim vs the World in Singapore on 28th October. Yeah, Singapore would be showing it late, but at least we’d be SCREENING it, right?

Instead this week has us breaking the bad news (via Cathay Cinemas and Game Axis) that Scott Pilgrim vs the World will not be gracing Singapore’s fair shores. Turns out that UIP won’t be releasing it here. Which is awfully sad. And which is why we’re trying to get a petition signed to see if we can remedy that situation.

I mean, we in HereBeGeeks were lucky enough to see the show as a prerelease during our Geek Pilgrimmage (yes it’s important enough to merit Uppercase Letters) in San Diego Comic Con, but well… it’s not as if we didn’t want to see it again. And more importantly, introduce the movie to people who would like the movie! It’s not as if we don’t have gamers in Singapore. I’ve seen Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comics in Kino and the like, and I’ve gotten them myself (albeit the US version). I’m sure that anime and gamer fans would understand the geek references inherent in the movie. It’s kinda indie, sure… but we’ve seen indie movies in Singapore, and Edgar Wright’s work is always fun to sit through.

This isn’t game over though. Like the movie’s namesake, we’re grabbing a 1-up and seeing if we can convince UIP to bring it in anyway. UIP were amazing gentlemen when they managed to pull through a single screening of that amazing Joss Whedon masterpiece, Serenity. Maybe they’ll manage to pull something through again. Maybe a week’s worth of shows? Maybe a single showing, like they did back then? All we want is for it to be seen the way it’s supposed to be seen; on the big screen with other like minded geeks around us. It would really really suck for us to need to resort to Amazon for this.

And because of that, we’ve put together a quick little petition online for you guys to sign. It’s a bit ambitious, sure, but maybe with enough people demonstrating that we would put down good money to see the movie we’ll get the movie screening we’re hoping for.

So… sign the petition! Spread the word! If you guys don’t, we’ll all be forced to watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World on the small screen. And that would make us sad.


Singapore’s resident Press Ganger, that is, the man to go to for Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE, and HORDES. Kakita also dabbles in Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER FANTASY and WARHAMMER 40K lines.

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  1. Well, there’re many ways to watch movies. And ‘sides, we’ve seen it previewed in the US.

    But there’s something about being promised a movie- a movie that you’ve been looking forward to, and a movie that you wanted to share with your fellow geeks. A trip across the border doesn’t really cut it then.

  2. @Wailiong Wong:
    its the closest thing u can do i guess. i too, wanna bring my dear ones to introduce what i have been promoting as better than kick ass. and you can just go city square at the causeway. and eat kfc with rice after that. just suggesting you know. 🙂

  3. You got my support, that’s for sure. It’s a matter of principle, saying that they’d bring it in, and then because of whatever lame reason, they don’t bring it in.

    And they wonder why people resort to file-sharing?

    OKOK, happy thoughts! Just not the kind of news I would have liked to hear.

    1. Yeah… it puzzles me how they’d just give up when they had previously announced the release date. Puzzling, puzzling.

  4. when i heard it wasn’t coming to Singapore I thought oh well I can always go to JB even though it was going to be another week of waiting and now its not showing there as well.
    I can’t believe i have to settle for the dvd at amazon.

    1. And that’s why the petition is impt. 🙁 DVD is one thing.. .watching it on the big screen another

  5. urgh…so that’s why isn’t on yesterday and today’s online movie listings even tho the fricking poster’s on the iluma filmgarde wall

  6. Urghhhh seriously??? I had been waiting so long for it to be released:( Saw a lido poster for it months back but since the place is being renovated now… sigh. Guess I would just have to get the dvd.

  7. wonder if Sinema old school will consider screening it! Anyway, I’ll just wait for the blue-ray! Singapore PHAIL! what else is new

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