San Diego Comic-Con

A Quick Look at SDCC

It’s slightly more than a day since SDCC is over, and the silence would be chilling us – if not for the fact that it’s about 46 degrees celsius in Las Vegas. We miss San Diego tons already!

I’ve been faced with the same question over and over again – what’s impressed you most about SDCC? That’s a question that fills me with option paralysis – and I end up with the same answer to the question “what’s your aim for SDCC?” Before I reached SDCC, even with a plan in mind, I had trouble putting my finger on what I really wanted to achieve, and now, after it all, I can’t put my finger on what excited me the most.

I do have some little stories to tell that will probably happen when my photos go up, but I’ll just leave some quick notes off the top of my head. Hopefully once things settle down I can still remember everything, but it’s been a flurry of events.

I’d firstly like to thank the people I met online before I met in SDCC, like movie star Tony Kim from Babbleon5, and the guys from IntelGameOn, who were both really generous and added an extra dimension to the whole event. These were people genuinely interested in meeting us, and while we didn’t quite have the time to keep in touch, each moment was real awesome.

So off the top of my head – what I remember.
1) Phonogram! Finally meeting Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. Ever since I read Phonogram they’ve been my favourite writer/artist team, and it’s sad that Phonogram just isn’t doing well enough to justify making more. Looking forward to vol 2 of Suburban Glamour! Our trip actually began with the hunt for Gillen (hilarious, really) on the Amtrak, so this was like mission accomplished. And wait till you see the photo I have of them!
2) Celebrities! Having a quick word with Jasika Nicole (Astrid from Fringe) who was really nice (as nice as you can be in about 2 seconds) and having Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee) make a face and then smile at me, well, all this on top of the regular celebrity sightings really made my time there just a little bit extra special.
3) w00tstock! I’m not even sure how to sum up a pure geekfest such as this. It’s concert cum talks cum extra long ho-down done in a billion different geeky ways.
4) Comicconish! Scott Pilgrim was real fun – from the experience at the Hilton Gaslamp, to the HUGE panel in Hall H, to the free screening we caught the next day at the Balboa, I think the word going around that Scott Pilgrim won Comic-con, there are no truer words.
5) Barenaked Ladies! They performed a special edition of their concert with mentions of cosplays and some weird geek anthem – and they performed The Big Bang Theory theme song in its entirety. That was really amazing (and strangely it seemed like we were the only ones having too much fun at the concert.)
6) Art! I got lots of sketches done, from Jo Chen all the way to Dave McKean. I’ll get them online later.

And that doesn’t really do Comic-con justice, but I think I do have the beats down… we’ll be off to do the touristy things like Disneyland and IHOP but we’re definitely working to get some of our stuff out before SDCC 2011 comes along (if it does). Stay tuned!

I think both Wai and Pete have their own insights on SDCC, and hopefully we’ll all have the time to compare notes – or maybe even have a reviewgitation!


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