Lego Star Wars Days hits Legoland Malaysia till 13 May

The Force is getting stronger in Legoland Malaysia with the advent of Lego Star Wars Days, which runs from 21 April to 13 May. Any self-respecting Singaporean Lego or theme park enthusiast might have visited in past years, but this year’s edition of Star Wars Days promises bigger and better things, most notably their signature Lego Star Wars Speed Build Challenge.

If you are a fan of Lego games, the words ‘speed build’ probably conjures up images of characters in the games moving their stubby claws at light-speed to build bridges or items for you to progress to the next level. You’re not far off. In this Speed Build Challenge, bring your friends and family (preferably the ones with the most dexterous fingers) to form teams of 2-4 to construct an X-Wing Starfighter in the shortest time possible. Besides being a highly heart-pounding team-bonding activity, the team with the fastest time at each Speed Build challenge stands to win best-selling attractive prizes such as the BB-8 Lego kit retailing for 500MYR.

Our finished build. (Photo: mroffform)

Here Be Geeks also participated in the event and came excruciatingly short of winning the coveted BB-8, though we did get a bunch of consolation prizes and set a time of 11 minutes flat (admittedly, we did have two Lego experts on our team – more on this later). The team with the fastest time over the entire event will win a limited edition Millennium Falcon kit worth 3500MYR autographed by Hans Burkhard Schlomer (sadly not Han Solo, but still), who designed the legendary set.


We were also there to witness the epic Imperial March, which took place on 28-29 April (don’t fear, while that’s over, there is also the Intergalactic Parade, which will be held on the weekends till the end of the event). Almost 100 cosplayers (and many more unofficial ones) marched down the streets of Legoland to the beat of – you guessed it – the Imperial March. After the parade, the cosplayers also graciously availed themselves to the public for photographs at various spots in the park. A family photograph at Legoland is one thing, but a family wefie with Lego Darth Vader and his troopers and elites guarding the horizon is something you will not soon forget.

Not sure if Mr Anakin is somewhere here … (Photo: mroffform)

For the eagle-eyed, there is also a Star Wars themed scavenger hunt. While taking in the Lego-constructed Asian cityscapes and monuments, keep an eye out for the Darth Vader figures making a cameo. Spot all of the Darth Vaders among the buildings in Miniland, answer some Star Wars trivia (all the responses can be found in Star Wars Miniland) and earn yourself a limited edition Lego Star Wars Commemorative Duplo Brick.

(Photo: mroffform)

Still on the topic of keeping your eyes peeled, many of the park attendants will be wearing Lego Minifigures on their nametags. Bring your less loved Minifigures along, and be on the lookout to trade for one that catches your eye.

While not entirely Star Wars-themed, our stay in the Legoland hotel was a treat for the senses, and a recommended complement to your Legoland adventure. There, you can immerse yourself in different themed rooms, each replete with grandly decorated furniture, wallpaper and carpets with themes ranging from medieval fortresses to ninja temples. Our Pirate-themed room had over 10 accoutrements crafted from Lego, including a bathroom spider, a one-eyed parrot, and a large monkey. The aforementioned monkey was guarding a mini-puzzle chest that you can crack open for loot if you find clues hidden around the room, a simple challenge that will brighten your day.

Each of the 258 rooms are equipped to house 5 comfortably, with a double bed and a double-decker with a stowaway bed. The Bricks restaurant in the hotel also offers a staggering variety of mealtime choice that should cater to the fussiest in your group. Most importantly, the elevators are equipped with disco balls and funky dance music should the mood arise to show off your moves.

Other promotions and activities currently on during the event (21 April – 13 May) include: 
  • A Lego Family Building Activity where you can build Lego Star Wars characters such as BB-8 and R2-D2
  • Free entry to the park for children 3-11 dressed in full Star Wars Costume
  • A free Star Wars Anniversary Pod with a purchase of 101SGD of Lego Star Wars merchandise
  • Each Annual Pass purchase entitles you to a chance to win a Nissan Almera
  • Refer to for terms and conditions and further information on promotions and activities


Some of the friends we met at Legoland Malaysia. (Photo: mroffform)

Remember the Lego experts from earlier that were on our Speed Build team? They run a website and community called Brickfinder (you can also find their community on Facebook). If you have even a passing interest in Lego please check them out, though if you were already into Lego you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. Here they are to tell us more about what Legoland has to offer:

Here Be Geeks: Which are your three favourite Legoland attractions or rides, and why?


  1. Ninjago 4D ride: It is a brand new experience which uses a new method of interactivity. It is a great workout to boot.
  2. Castle Roller Coaster: It is a good ol’ fashioned roller coaster with your typical thrills and spills.
  3. VR roller coaster: A fresh spin on an old concept. With the VR goggles, it is possible (in the future) to change out the virtual environment for maximum replayability.

Jun Heng:

  1. Castle Dragon Roller Coaster ride – love the thrill of going through the castle slowly and suddenly the speed takes up and there’s a drop sending you down before heading up out into the open.
  2. Ninjago 4D ride – it’s one of the rides that takes place in a fully air conditioned area which can help to cool one off from the heat while walking in the park. On top of that, being 4D, it gives the visual effect of being in the scene and fighting off the evil side of Ninjago. Last but not least… it certainly gives you a bit of an arm-and-hand workout..but it’s all worth it for an awesome ride.
  3. Ninjago stage show – unlike any other stage shows that one will watch, this one tends to emerge the audience into the scene and engages them into it as well. The puppets look so real with human ninjas dressed in black to control them. The whole theatre transforms to match each scene with the walls changing its pictures and the 3D effects of winds makes one feel like we are in the actual Ninjago universe itself. To top it off, this is the best place to really sit back, enjoy the show and cool off from the heat as it can get really cold in here.
Ninjago The Ride. (Photo: mroffform)

HBG: As a Lego fan, do you come to Legoland to buy specific merchandise? If so, what?

Teresa: I come here to buy sets and loose LEGO bricks. Some times there are good deals on the sets which make the trip worthwhile. There are also exclusives that can only be found in LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Jun Heng: Yes. It’s mainly to get Lego parts for my builds and projects. Sometimes it’s also to get exclusive sets or sets that are cheaper then in Singapore.

HBG: What sets Legoland apart from other theme parks?

Teresa: It is a LEGO theme park. Plus, it is the only theme park in the neighbourhood which actually celebrates Star Wars (before the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney).

Jun Heng: Unlike any other theme park, Legoland theme park is totally immersed in Lego itself. All the decorations around the park are done in Lego, even for replication of the human form. The restaurants in the park are also Lego designed and filled with Lego decorations inside. What’s more, the signs also incorporate Lego, such as the toilet signs which are designed using male and female minifigures.

HBG: What keeps you coming back to Legoland?

Teresa: I love LEGO and it is always a treat to see what new LEGO builds that emerge in the park. Plus collecting the exclusive Duplo bricks is a bit of a tradition for me now.

Jun Heng: The main factor that I for one do enjoy Lego very much and am always excited to see new things happening and going on. There are always things created and done for events such as Chinese New Year and Star Wars Days. Plus I love collecting the Duplo bricks during these events and it’s a form of de-stressing for me when I’m in a place where I get to enjoy what I love most.

Lego Star Wars Day is held at Legoland Malaysia from 21 April to 13 May 2018. The first Lego resort in Asia, Legoland Malaysia is only a ten minute drive from the Tuas checkpoint – if you live in the West, you can probably get to Legoland in less time than it takes you to get to the airport. Legoland Malaysia Resort is a Lego themed location that combines a theme park, water park and hotel for visitors to experience all in one sitting. Home to more than 70 hands-on rides, slides shows and attractions, it also covers an area of over 50 full size football pitches and contains 15000 Lego models consisting of over 60 million Lego bricks. Legoland Malaysia has accumulated a number of accolades including the best tourist attraction in 2014/15 by the Malaysia Tourism Awards and has been ranked among the top 10 amusement parks in Asia by TripAdvisor.

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