Comic Fiesta 2018: It’s all about something special

When the name Comic Fiesta is mentioned, the thriving comic and art scene in Malaysia, cosplayers, and game tournaments are among the things that come to mind. But really, what is the essence of the largest and longest-running ACG (anime, comics, games) event in Malaysia? Here, at the 2018 Comic Fiesta held in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, I traversed the halls and its many attractions to find out.

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On Day 1 of the event (22 Dec 2018), I entered the hallways along with the throngs of early bird ticket holders. The early bird tickets allowed us passage into the convention hall at 9.30am, half an hour before the regular, on-the-spot ticket holders. And even then, the hall was pretty packed with both con-goers and vendors.

(Photo: Sara)

At the Exhibitor Zone, many colleges were offering design and art courses, and some vendors were hawking the latest in digital and traditional art tools. Joining them were a recent addition to many conventions: Game tournaments, which drew huge crowds of spectators.

(Photo: Sara)

A mainstay of Comic Fiesta was the Creative Art Market, which housed the Premium and Basic Art Booths, where I saw a variety of fan and original merchandise. Here, various local and international artists were selling their wares to hungry customers, who – in the great spirit of con-going – bought things that reminded them of what drew them there in the first place.

(Photo: Sara)

At the Main Stage, concerts were held and wild crowds were seen jamming along to their favourite Japanese tunes. Meanwhile, at the Creative Factor Panel Room, a quieter and more intense atmosphere permeated the scene, where creative leaders got together to give advice to new and up-and-coming artists.


(Photo: Sara)

It barely felt like I had recovered from Day 1, when Day 2 dawned upon me. I spent time at the MDEC (Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation) booth to watch up and coming names in the Malaysian game industry, like Cellar Vault Games, Metronomik, and Sodapunk Games bring forth their very best, like no one ever was.

(Photo: Sara)

I also spent a great deal of time at the Art Booths, buying a ton of merchandise for *ahem*, personal use. It was a great experience to be a part of, though the surge of people inside the convention hall was a little disconcerting.

Lots of cool cosplays could be seen inside and outside the convention hall, drawing in fans of all types to take photographs of their favourite characters.

The Essence of Comic Fiesta

After this two-day experience, I gathered my thoughts – what is the essence of Comic Fiesta? It’s the spirit of togetherness for a common cause, a real for the fans, by the fans event that helped to bring together all walks of life together to come unison to celebrate the cause that brought them together.

(Photo: Sara)

So we wrap up this piece with a few words: that camaraderie is something that is innate to every human being and this event really shows that spirit.



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