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Wolfenstein is probably the best deal in Steam’s Black Friday Sale

I really wanted to support Bethesda and Machine Games’ Wolfenstein franchise for the longest time now. Wolfenstein 3D was the first FPS to achieve widespread popularity, and the first FPS game I played (I still remembering battling nausea when I was a kid wandering its mazes). And both Wolfenstein: The New Order, and its sequel The New Colossus got great reviews. More importantly, they did something brave that few games developers have the courage to do in this day and age: ship without microtransactions. And that’s what I wanted to support.

I regret to say that I never paid full price for either of those games. 80 bucks is a huge amount to pay for a game. Just to set things straight, I wouldn’t have paid for it even if it shipped with multiplayer. It’s not a multiplayer/no multiplayer thing, but the cost of 80 bucks up front. That being said, when I realized that Wolfenstein: The New Order was selling for $13 and The New Colossus at $40 I didn’t hesitate to support Bethesda and Machine games with my wallet.

And I totally don’t regret it. $53 is a steal to experience something we rarely get to experience any more. A tight, moving story, great plot and characterization, and in an FPS no less! And without any multiplayer bullshit!

Wolfenstein: The New Order has you waking up after World War 2. The nazis have won, some of your friends are dead, and the resistance is all but crushed. Through the game, you lead the resistance through victories, culminating in a showdown with the big bad, General Deathshead (awesome name). In The New Colossus, you try to help the resistance to free America from its nazi oppressors. Both games are true to the spirit of Wolfenstein, paying bloody, violent homage to the original. What I didn’t expect though was how they were able to elevate Wolfenstein beyond just that. Wolfenstein is heavy with ideas about prejudice, xenophobia, and racism. The games had their quiet moments too, allowing you to bond and develop relationships with both Billy Blazkowicz and the supporting cast. I think his backstory is one of the best backstories out there, especially for an FPS. There were genuine moments were I was afraid for his life (which is a feat for an FPS), and the first chapter of The New Colossus that has you fighting enemies on a wheelchair… you just have to experience it.

Bethesda and Machine Games have outdone themselves, and if you haven’t played either I highly recommend you go out now and get both games while Steam’s Black Friday Sale is on. You have a day to experience Wolfenstein’s story for only $53 bucks (Steam Sale ends 2am tonight in Singapore). Which is think is really worth it.

Plus honestly, you get to punch nazis, which kinda a good feeling to have right now.


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