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Star Wars Battlefront II to launch with tonnes of vehicles, locations and heroes

Star Wars Battlefront was a pretty solid game that just lacked a spark to truly capture the imaginations of fans. But with Star Wars Battlefront II’s new trailer, it looks like we might just get THE Star Wars game we’ve been waiting for (that isn’t an RPG). 

The trailer above feature John Boyega (Finn), who reveals just what you’ll get to experience when the game is released. From the tonnes of new vehicles, locations and heroes, to the new modes (single and multiplayer), and more looks at the epic starfighter missions, it looks like Star Wars Battlefront II is going to be amazing to play. Single player is already the dealmaker for me, but there’s also an arcade mode for you to brush up your skills before you head into real PVP.

You’ll also get a look at the new class-based system, Battle Points, and the reworked Star Card system. For more info, head over to the Star Wars Battlefront II blog here to get a closer look at all the Galactic Assault locations that will be available at launch, and website here to learn more about the game’s multiplayer modes.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches worldwide Nov 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin for PC. Those who order the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition can start playing Nov 14, while those on EA and Origin Access can start playing Nov 9.


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