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Sonic and friends to star in official Tokyo 2020 mobile game

With the Tokyo Game Show in full swing, developers SEGA have announced the upcoming official mobile game for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Sonic At The Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020. Check out the teaser above!

The mobile game will launch on iOS and Android in Spring 2020, and will have a freemium model: It’ll be free to download, but to play all features, you gotta pay.

Set in Tokyo of the future (well, next year is the future), Sonic At The Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 features Sonic and friends partaking in various Olympic events with stages set in popular tourist spots in Tokyo.

You’ll get to compete in events like fencing, diving, 400m hurdles, trap shooting and fishing, all probably with some element of getting rings. You’ll also get to represent your own country in a online competitive play between countries and regions.

It’s just the launch announcement for now, so I guess we’ll find out more when the game arrives!

TLDR: Sonic At The Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 launches Spring 2020.


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