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Hit Korean RPG Dragon Blaze to launch with English translation

It’s hit #1 on the App store in Korea, and #4 on Google Play in the same country – and now Korean RPG Dragon Blaze is set to be released worldwide with English translation. The side-scrolling RPG, by Korean developers GAMEVIL will hit our various app stores on May 12.

GAMEVIL say that Dragon Blaze been among the top ten grossing apps in the country since release. While no relation to the Jackie Chan movie, Dragon Blade, the app will feature real-time boss raids and PVP arenas for gamers. There’s also a story behind the game – which is as follows:

One year ago, a destructive force fell from the sky. It was the return of Deathcrown, the unrivaled dragon king of the living and the dead. Since his return, Dragons and Humans have been at war with no end in sight. As a descendant of the long-extinct Boden tribe, you must now use your power to journey through Dragon’s Landing, unveil the secrets behind the pandemonium, and bring the war to an end.

We haven’t had any hands-on with the app yet, so it’s hard to say what the experience will be like – though the gameplay video above is a huge hint. Nothing looks really revolutionary – yet (and I’m not a fan of the knock-knees look) – but the huge popularity in Korea counts for something, of course, so I’ll definitely be giving it a go.
GAMEVIL will release Dragon Blaze globally on May 12. Pre-registration for the game starts Apr 7 up till launch date, and those who register will receive an exclusive “S-rank ally card” after global launch. To find out more, you can follow Dragon Blaze on Twitter or on Facebook.



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