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This Hello Kitty Windows 10 tablet won’t break the bank

Since 1974, Hello Kitty has built a global fan base that keeps the brand going strong. Now, the Hello Kitty Grace 10 Light Tablet is the latest in the line of gadgets targeted at dedicated fans who just want more of that warm and fuzzy feeling that just gets one purring.

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The Hello Kitty Grace 10 Light Tablet. (Photo: SataySauce)

Launched in Singapore on Feb 17, the S$379 2-in-1 tablet is the first in a series of character-themed tablets that is part of the E-Huge Technology’s WMP (We aiM for Pride) range of computing devices.

Hello Kitty aficionados would be pleased to note that the tablet is a worthy addition to the franchise. It comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 10, which corrects many of the clunky user interface issues that plagued Windows 8. On top of that, the tablet is graced (pun intended) with a Hello Kitty theme that replaces the default Windows icons with adorable Hello Kitty icons.

As for network connectivity, the tablet connects seamlessly with Wireless b/g/n networks – not the latest high-speed ac networks, but more than sufficient for regular online activities such as streaming videos and browsing social media. Combined with the 10.1-inch glossy screen, 1280×800 screen resolution, and integrated Intel HD Graphics chip, the tablet enables good video quality for YouTube and the like – HD-quality, but not Full HD 1080p.

In terms of battery life and performance, the tablet’s Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor is comparatively faster than its predecessors running at the same clock speed, while maintaing good battery life. Consumers who purchased their mid-range tablets 2-3 years ago would certainly notice the difference in performance, and would appreciate the fact that this unit offers about 5 hours of play time even with just a 6,800mAh battery.

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As for the tablet’s form factor, I was impressed with the Pigo keyboard, which is integrated with the pink case that doubles as a stand that sits comfortably on any flat surface. This design feature reduces mechanical strain on the tablet and makes the tablet ultra-compact, meaning that it can easily fit into a handbag or pouch that can carry an A4 folder. Coming in at 263 x 188 x 16 mm, with a weight of 800g with the keyboard attached, the tablet is a light and reliable alternative to a full-sized laptop.

In addition to Windows 10, the tablet also comes with the mobile version of Microsoft Office, which means you can do some light office work when you’re on-the-go. The on-board storage is unfortunately only limited to 32GB, but this can be easily extended with a MicroSD card that can add an additional 32GB. Once at the office, you can connect the tablet to a full-sized monitor with a suitable cable (not included in the package) using the micro HDMI port.

Yes, the Hello Kitty Grace 10 Light Tablet comes with almost all the ports you can shake a stick at. (Photo: SataySauce)
Yes, the Hello Kitty Grace 10 Light Tablet comes with almost all the ports you can shake a stick at. (Photo: SataySauce)

An included OTG USB cable also allows you to hook up a wireless keyboard and optical mouse when you’re at your desk, especially if you’re not completely comfortable using the relatively small trackpad and keyboard. A free Microsoft wireless mouse is included in the package, and the tablet’s in-built Bluetooth feature also provides additional connectivity if required.

If you need to do any form of video conferencing, the tablet provides very modest 2 megapixel front and rear cameras. These cameras are more akin to what we at Here Be Geeks call “potato cameras”. They’re not great, but they kind of get the job done. At the S$379 price point, it is really hard to complain given the extensive thought that has gone into designing the product as a whole.

Looks like plushie not included. :( (Photo: SataySauce)
Looks like plushie not included. 🙁 (Photo: SataySauce)

Consumers who have been used to buying laptops and tablets from global technology companies may be understandably hesitant when it comes to purchasing their new devices from white box manufacturers who don’t have the benefit of a global footprint and established brand name. That said, the Hong Kong-based E-Huge Technology that manufactures this tablet is active in the Chinese, Thai, and Singapore markets, and has shipped 450,000 Windows devices – a small but not insignificant number.

Finally, if you’re the sort of person who worries about the longevity of electronic devices, you’d be happy to note that the tablet comes with a 1-year warranty. And for those with problems keeping their electronic devices in good condition, Best Denki, which is the exclusive distributor of the tablet in Singapore, offers an additional 2-year warranty extension at S$72.01. This should give you some peace of mind until your warranty expires in 2019.

The launch of the Hello Kitty Grace 10 tablet, which was graced by Hello Kitty. (Photo: SataySauce)
The launch of the Hello Kitty Grace 10 Light Tablet, which was graced by Hello Kitty. Don’t call her an airhead! (Photo: SataySauce)

Overall, I’m impressed with what the tablet offers at this price point. Just 3 to 4 years ago, people were used to paying double the price for tablets that were substantially slower and came with half the functionality. While I’m personally not inclined to purchase a Hello Kitty tablet – the sleek black tablet doesn’t make up for its bright pink case, I have no doubt in my mind that it adequately addresses the market of fans who are looking for a well-designed product at a modest price.

The Grace 10 Light Hello Kitty tablet is now available at all 11 Best Denki outlets around Singapore, and is also available for online purchase. Incidentally, Best Denki’s newest outlet is at Waterway Point in Punggol, which might warrant a visit for those of you who spend your weekends exploring the latest shopping malls in obscure places of Singapore.


ProcessorIntel® Atom™ Z3735F Processor (1.33GHz – 1.83GHz)
Display10.1” IPS Touch Panel (1280 x 800)
Memory2GB DDR
Storage32GB Flash Memory
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10

(Includes Office Mobile: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote)

GraphicsIntel Graphics HD
Battery6,800mAh (approx. 5 hours of play time)
Network and ConnectivityWiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth 4.0

PortsMicro USB (1 port)

Micro SD (SDXC compatible)

Micro HDMI 1.4

Dimensions258 x 173 x 11 mm (Tablet Only)

263 x 188 x 16 mm (with Pigo keyboard) – Smaller than an A4 sheet of paper

Weight600g (Tablet) / 800g (Tablet + Keyboard)
AccessoriesMicro OTG to USB Cable, Pigo Keyboard and Case
Camera2 Megapixel Front and Rear Cameras
Input Voltage / Current5V / 3A


Guest writer for Here Be Geeks. SataySauce was once active in the online gaming community but now prefers to spend his gaming time offline so that young punks don't chew him off for being a n00b. He believes he is a geek at heart because he responded with a resounding "Yes!" when asked whether he considered himself a geek during his first job interview.

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