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Dance Central 3: Meeting Marcos Aguirre, Matt Boch & John Drake

So this year’s Xbox event went really through the ROOF compared to the last. HereBeGeeks got an official invite (thank you so much Edelman & Xbox T_T) and I was absolutely dying to go because I heard from a little bird that Marcos Aguirre was gonna be there! GASP, YES, the one choreographer that I love the most because he is responsible for my all loves like Toxic, Bad Romance, S&M, & Whine Up (basically all the sexy ones hey).

But not only was Marcos there, so were Matt Boch & John Drake!!! You know, the guys you ALWAYS see on those PAX & E3 YouTube videos explaining how the game works. They were HERE, explaining the new features to US. *mindblown*

It’s pretty insane for the three of them as they were going to ‘4 countries in 5 days’ (next stop: Seoul) as mentioned by John. He’s a HOOT, and has great chemistry with Marcos, always throwing about in-jokes and sniggering about this and that. Despite all that internal camaraderie, they NEVER made you feel left out (while I’m just there, still stunned we’re all here in the same room and OMG THEY’RE ALL DANCING OMG *fangirling*). I danced off with John, and he totally beat me – who says white guys can’t dance! For someone who was jet lagged he was totally bouncing with energy, explaining how party mode works (together with Matt) and doing demos.

We spoke a little at length about Rock Band because it really was the reason why Harmonix featured so largely in our living room before DC came about and guess what? John is on Rock Band too! FREAK OUT! And so was Matt before he immersed himself totally in DC (‘This is the sole reason why I don’t have a social life anymore, so hell yeah I’m proud of it!’) Marcos is also a huge fan of RB so when Harmonix roped him in as a choreographer he totally flipped out and went, ‘YOU GUYS DO ROCK BAND TOO?! GET OUT!’ Haha. Love their candid moments.

I guess it also helped that we were all crammed in a tiny room, having our little dance party. They actually let us try the full version and I can ASSURE you there are great tracks to be announced which are featured in-game because we got to play them! We even got wind of some DLCs (more Usher, anyone?) and which artists are easy to work with while which ones aren’t.

Later in the night, Jack also found out that Down was choreographed by none other than Marcos. We had to show him the wedding vid the boys pulled.

I’m really pretty sure it was the first of its kind at least in Singapore – Marcos had chills all over when we told him.

‘Touching lives one song at a time!’ said Marcos.

The funniest thing was when EVERYONE (and the couple simply walking past the room) asked for Gangnam Style to be included as a DLC and John was all excited but Marcos hasn’t seen it. So we showed it to him. I’m pretty sure he was completely entertained as PSY just wouldn’t stop ‘horsing around’ heh heh. So as the trio were leaving for the airport and waiting for transport, Gangnam Style started playing from one of the nearby shops which made John and Marcos start dancing to it – they took to the steps like fish to water; it was so amazing. Watching choreography build up right in front of us! PLEASE LET THIS DLC HAPPEN PLEASE.

Even talking about the launch date for DC 3 (18/19 OCTOBER GUYS, MAKE A NOTE) led to us talking about Halloween and this: Last year’s Halloween special.

John was so proud of us. And Marcos’ favorite is Miss Aubrey! I really should’ve worn my costume, dang it.

But I will always have this, which made my… day? No, year.

I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Goodbye guys, and have a great time in Seoul/London! Come back again next year with more time to spare and we’ll show you the sights, anytime!

Other anecdotes:
1. Complaining to Marcos how he almost killed us all with Get Ur Freak On (LOVE IT THOUGH)
2. Oh and gushing about Chanel’s lovely routines
3. How the new Alice Deejay song is DC3’s version of Sandstorm (see, Alvin what did I tell you! It totally works by the way :D)
4. Talking about all the awesome DLCs and then shouting, ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!’

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