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4 brand-new Asian heroes join the Marvel Future Fight roster

It’s more than four years old, and mobile dungeon crawler Marvel Future Fight is still going strong. And now, they’re set to debut Marvel’s latest Asian superheroes, the “Warriors of the Sky”.

At the ongoing Thailand Game Show, Marvel showed off the new quartet. who join Luna Snow, Crescent and Io as the latest Marvel characters created for the game. The four heroes, War Tiger, Blue Dragon, Sun Bird and Shadow Shell come from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan respectively. (I’m guessing VR Man decided not to sign up to represent Singapore.)

Each of them come with their own character history, of course. To let you experience the full qualities of each character, here’s the official biographies from Marvel:

  • War Tiger – Leaping from the West, the massive War Tiger slices through evil with the mystical Tiger’s Fang. This ancient Thai general ensures the success of his fellow Warriors of the Sky with his immense power and hardened combat experience.
  • Blue Dragon – Defending the East, Blue Dragon possesses the ability to transform whatever she touches into a draconic weapon. With her heirloom spear, whip in hand, this child of Vietnamese noble family leads the Warriors of the Sky with her protective spirit and wise judgment through any challenge they may encounter.
  • Sun Bird – Soaring into battle as guardian of the South, the searing Sun Bird provides healing support for the Warriors of the Sky. With agile charm, this Malaysian pirate from the 1600s reborn by the power of his twin krises seeks to make the most of his new life by supporting the world however possible.
  • Shadow Shell – Strategising in the North, Shadow Shell disables enemies from afar and defends her teammates with her highly advanced rifle and Ba Gua energy shield. When Shadow Shell’s adopted family in Taiwan attempted to poison her, the extremely intelligent tactician gained her unseen powers of toxic immunity and now provides battle strategy for the Warriors of the Sky.

“We are excited to introduce this original team, Warriors of the Sky, to MARVEL Future Fight fans and expand on the continually growing, wide variety of character choices in the game,” said Danny Koo, Senior Producer for Marvel Games. “Warriors of the Sky is about teamwork. Netmarble is an amazing developer to collaborate with on these concepts, and we are eager to see how they can bring these unique creations to life in the game.”

“Everyone at Marvel loves collaborating with friends around the world to create characters which entertain, inspire and resonate with our global fans,” said Bill Rosemann, VP of Creative for Marvel Games. “Combining awesome powers, cool visuals and memorable backstories, the Warriors of the Sky join the Avengers, the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy as Marvel’s next major super team.”

“Creating characters with different backgrounds and diverse stories and giving players a wide variety of Super Heroes to play as is always a joy, especially with how fans have taken to our past original creations with Marvel such as Luna Snow, and Crescent & Io,” said Joe Lee Executive Producer at Netmarble. “We also appreciate collaborating with Marvel on new concepts, especially with The Warriors of the Sky team, and we can’t wait to show more in the future.”

In addition to the new characters, Netmarble also released a new remix of Luna Snow’s 1st single at the Thailand Game Show. Luna Snow is Marvel’s first K-Pop Super Hero and the song’s vocals were performed by Hyungseo, a member of the Korean girl group Busters. The official video is not online yet, but there is the fan-rip above. Sounds a little like Blackpink, don’t you think?

MARVEL Future Fight is currently available in the App Store and Google Play.


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