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That Week in Geek: Straits Times’ Interview with Nicola Scott

Free Comic Book Day is coming real soon, and this year’s event seems to be even bigger than last year’s, starting off by having great coverage in the local print media – and a half page at that! In the article, Life! journo Nicholas Yong gets to speak with the wonderful Nicola Scott.

If you were to ask me, I’d have been the worst person to interview Nicola Scott, especially since I’ve not read many DC Comics (darn you, exclusive deals). Nonetheless, I quite like the angle Nicholas approached the interview Nicola, but more than that, I like her responses.

It’s always interesting to see how ladies draw / write females – especially for the art aspect. As Nicola herself says, “it depends on the character”, which is what it should be, and that should define their dress sense. On the flipside we do have characters who just go totally askew thanks to bad writing – honestly that’s just the editor’s fault. I think we could go on forever about sexism in comics, whether in print form or between creators, but no matter what it’s nice to see creators go against all perceived odds and just show everyone that’s sometimes it’s just talent that cuts it – and also nice to see companies that recognise that.

At any rate, Nicola definitely knows her stuff, and it’s a pleasurable interview to read … I do wish the picture of her was in higher resolution tho.

And don’t forget to meet Nicola Scott this Saturday at Free Comic Book Day!


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