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STGCC Rev-Up Review: Gail Simone

The last time Gail Simone was here during the Singapore Writers Festival in ’07 and after 3 years, she’s back in Singapore!

For those new to her, she’s written for Bongo Comics (the publication that does The Simpsons, FYI), Marvel, Action Comics, Wildstorm and much more. Currently, she’s writing at DC Comics for Birds of Prey and Secret Six.

Most people agree when they read her work that she writes strong characters and utterly witty dialogue. Give her some characters and she’ll create a story that’s engaging and fun. Even if the subject of the current issue is dark and angsty, it’s not utterly dreary in a way that most writers might do it.

You know, the monotonous kind that turns you off? She doesn’t do that instead she makes you feel for the characters in their tribulations with how they act and say while making them so bad-ass.

Those wanting to pick up her stuff should either go with Secret Six or Birds of Prey since those two series are her most current work (and it’s easier to find B.O.P at the convention to buy).

If you have time, check out Welcome to Tranquility from Wildstorm comics or even Gen 13. The former is about a place where retired superheroes and villains live while the later is about 5 superhuman teens.

Considering Wildstorm is closed, finding the issues might be a bit of a trouble but if you can find the compilations, it will totally be worth it! Or you know, you can always buy from Comixology and read it on your computers.

As for Secret Six and Birds of Prey, they’re entirely opposite of each other! Secret Six is a team of anti-heroes while Birds of Prey contains the good guys like Barbara Gordon, Huntress and Black Canary.

It gets a bit bloody gruesome and totally sexy in Secret Six with Catman and the rest of his crew around. They’re anti-heroes after all. They aren’t exactly that nice. Sexy but not nice.

While not being THAT less gruesome but still a bit bloody with all the fighting, Birds of Prey is more “moralistic” since the main cast are heroes.

Pick and choose! Do you wanna go to the good side or the evil side? Heh. Both ways, they’re a fun read.

Meanwhile, being one of the more reachable writers online, sometimes Gail might respond to people on her twitter account and tumblr. Considering she has a large fanbase, people are probably asking her questions every day or commenting on her work. Still, if you ever tried to reply to her online, she might respond to you…

Catch Gail Simone on Friday and Saturday at STGCC! She’ll be on the Friday panel with Ivan Brandon at 2.45pm at the theatre on level 3 besides the signings at the walk of fame!  See you guys there.

Ps. If you haven’t seen this before, click here to watch the song sung by Catwoman, Huntress and Black Canary written by Gail Simone in the episode of The Masks of Matches Malone in season 2 of Batman: The Brave and The Bold!

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