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STGCC 2010: P-p-p-panels! (Saturday)

And here we are back for Day 2 of the list of panels. We’ve already covered Friday here, and had an early look at panels here. While some of the guest lists have changed especially for the early look, the gist remains the same, and hopefully you can gauge your interest from there. In the meantime it’s on to Saturday! And a exciting one it promises to be.

First things first, if you’re looking at the Conference page, do note that the 11th of December is a Saturday, and that you’re not undergoing some sort of weird deja vu. Now, moving on…

Now, moving on…

Starting the day at 11am at the conference we have Lucasfilm Panel – Iron Man 2: An insider’s treat on the movie’s visual effects. While Iron Man 2 might not as well loved as the original, the level of effects mastery that went into it was very much top notch, especially with good old ILM behind it. (Scarlet Johansson in that suit has to be some visual effect.) And we’re going to get our uniquely Singaporean view on it, especially since quite a lot of scenes were done right here.

After 2 panels focusing on Asians and comics, we have possibly the star attraction of the day – a Spotlight on Matt Fraction. We found out about it a little before the official announcement, so we’re all excited, as you might have read over here. Fraction’s an entertaining speaker, so this promises to be great.

Right after the Marvel panel, run right over to the conference hall for more Marvel fun! (You have 15 min to run.) Marvel Heroes Panel is going to be a catchall for all things Marvel I’ll bet, and if you make yours Marvel, this is the place to be with pretty much everybody currently working for Marvel at this conference too.

Next at the panels we change gears and move on to toys, with Incorporating fashion to toy designs. 3 of the major toy designers present will give their insights into how much fashion influences their toys – or if they see their toys influencing fashion!

Next we have another huge panel – Spotlight with David Lloyd with the V for Vendetta artist present to take on all comers, maybe even those who want to have an insight into Alan Moore’s madness.

To end the day we have the Launch of Gilamon Studio’s titles with Tan Eng Huat and Julian Kim helming the launch of a new new titles from the Asian studio that attempts to go deeper into the use of comic books.

And that marks a Saturday full of things to do, and with tons of booths giving out freebies it looks like you’re barely going to have a breather! What are you most looking forward too?


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