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STGCC: Day One

STGCC opened with a bang today, with all a whole cross section of writers, artists and illustrators making their way down. HereBeGeeks is currently in the midst of it all, taking photos and seeing stars (crappy pun fully intended). People down include Gail Simone, Leinil Yu, Matt Fraction, Ivan Brandon, CB Cebulski, Mori Chack, and a bazillion other awesome people.

The panels are great, and all the people who took their time to come down are wonderful, awesome people that love to spend time with their fans. Only hitch so far seems to be the exorbitant price they pay for coke at the hotel bar. 😉

Of course, today is the day where yours truly realises the USB for his camera is wonky and he doesn’t have an SD card reader. But stay tuned for pictures later today!

Stay tuned for updates!


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