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STGCC Day 1: What a blast!

Wow. What an amazing day. I’d already had high hopes for Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2012, but whatever I expected – wow, blown out of the water. And that was even before I was able to really walk the floor.

My day truly started with Andy Diggle‘s signing at the walk of fame where finally (finally!) I managed to get Gerry Alanguilan to complete my trilogy for Silent Dragon. Here they are meeting for what was likely the first time. Also managed a quick sketch by Leinil Yu and Gerry :).

Next up was Nicholas Yong himself shining the spotlight on Andy Diggle – bravely he tried to talk about Action comics again, and Andy Diggle couldn’t comment. It’ll be a great gig for him and would be lovely to see what spin he brings to it, nonetheless. More highlights:

HereBeGeeks was also kindly invited to do the panel From Script To Pages: Drawing With Regional Comic Artists where I really focused on what it took for them to get into the industry. I was joined with Chris Lie, Mark Torres, Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Yu and Andie Tong – each of them had a different story, whether it involved going overseas (they all agree the Internet has taken that out of the equation), getting introduced by someone in the industry, going to college to study art. So it really wasn’t about a fix rule of getting there – but about passion and perseverance, even if it means hours banging your head at the table with no ink flowing. Some quick quotes:

We hung around after that just the check out Fightsaber as Jedi took on Sith who … also took on Sith. Storyline be damned – action FTW!

Finally we hung out at Invasion! as Pete was waiting for his commission from Mashi – and we were just checking out the amazing art being made. Check out the pics below for an overview of the whole day!

I really, really wish I took more photos, but my mind was all over the place. Many thanks to Pete, Melvin, Jack, Tina, Nick, Ryan, Aloysius and Sarah for playing along and pretending I had a handle on things. And now, it’s on to Day 2! It’s going to be a bit more of a chill day for me tomorrow – going to check out Boey and Keatopia and Rocket Ray Gun for starters – and really most of the floor, like Tristan Eaton, which I totally failed to do today. There’s so much to do! But I’ll be up and around wearing the exact shirt I wore for my wedding, so if you spot me, or any of HBG, just say hi! We don’t bite, and like wild animals, are probably more afraid of you.

(We’ve also posted all our photos from Day 1 on Facebook here. Enjoy!)


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