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Sonny Liew / Koh Hong Teng: Sequential Arts: a Comic Art Exhibition

Here in Singapore, comic books are slowly but surely being accepted as more than just entertainment for the young, but also for the young-at-heart, and those looking for more serious fare. This is no more obvious than with the ongoing Comic Art exhibition, featuring the artwork of Koh Hong Teng and Sonny Liew at the Mulan Gallery from now till Nov 12 (launched right as the SWF is hitting full swing, Dave, Gone Case’s writer, is a busy man! – Alvin). Teng has been hailed before by this blog for his stunningly realistic (and wonderously Tomine-like, but I wonder how he takes the comparison – Alvin) creations while Sonny Liew is a perennial favourite of all of us for his dynamic and cheeky artwork.

We were fortunate to have been invited to the opening of the exhibition on Friday, and were very impressed with how the whole exhibition was set up and were even more happy to pick up Tengs new book, Gone Case Book 2, which was also being launched at this exhibition.

The Mulan Gallery, off Armenian Street, is a small, quaint space in the middle of town and, with its stark walls and sharp lighting, is perfect for showcasing the black and white art of Teng and Sonny. It also held the forty odd visitors that came by on Friday night rather well, though by the time more ardent supporters showed up, the crowd spilled out onto the neighboring unit, which fortunately lacked a tenant.

It was also interesting how the decision was made (we didnt ask whose call it was) to place the two artists work together on the same wall, instead of separating them. It was also an eye-opener to see the original artwork, as you could see all the little corrections and other editing methods the artists used.

So if you wish to see how scenes from Singapore and beyond are captured, not just in photographic quality art but also how a narrative can be captured without a single word of dialogue, drop by the Mulan Gallery anytime from now till Nov 12. Admission is free, but do support the artists and pick up their graphic novels if theyre still available.

(A second opinion? There’s really tons of gems you can catch all over the place, from the acrylic on canvas works to the really detailed linework – stay awhile and just get immersed. Lovely stuff. And catch our review of Gone Case 2 soon! – Alvin)


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